Monday, June 30, 2008

Save the Date!

Since our wedding is on a holiday weekend and is out of town, we figured most people would need to know well in advance of the invitations when and where we would be getting married. We sent these magnets out last summer to alert all our family and friends of our wedding plans!

Without "proof" across our foreheads of course....

I found a template I liked at Magnet Street Weddings, but their policy does not allow you to change the design in any way (unless you pay an additional fee to have an "original" magnet made). I didn't like that We're Getting Married, the date, and Save the Date were at the bottom, while the names and info were at the top (it just didn't seem logical to read it that way), plus I wanted an exclamation point after We're Getting Married. Okay, so maybe I was a bridezilla a year and a half ago.....

Anyway, I found a woman (Save the Date Originals) who would make exactly what I wanted for a much cheaper price. She did a really great job, consulted with me about the design, and was even pretty quick in getting them to us. We also ordered envelopes to send them in, with a return address printed on the back flap. I highly recommend her!


  1. These are really cute. Hope everyone saved the date :)

  2. that came out awesome! That photo is beautiful too.