Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh What a Night!

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday and engagement anniversary wishes!

Last night was really great, it was nice to have a relaxing dinner at a new restaurant and a few drinks at our favorite neighborhood hangout.

I wore the beautiful dress Alson bought me.....and got pesto spread on it within the first 5 minutes of the bread being served. I was so upset! I never spill anything on myself and I was convinced the dress was ruined. However, the way we were situated in a corner of the restaurant prevented others from seeing it, so I tried to let it go and not worry about it during dinner. After dinner, we stopped back home to see if we could get the stain out. Enter Joseph A. Bank Silk and Clean.

Alson's mother bought him these "stain remover for silk" wipes, (that basically look like Shout Wipes) for Christmas, and he had one left! I literally followed the directions and the stain was gone in less than a minute, with the "magic solution" already evaporated and no trace of anything ever being on the dress. Like, not even a wet spot. UNBELIEVABLE! I will be buying more of these ASAP.

We then headed out for some cocktails. As all of the DC bloggers are aware, a severe thunderstorm (or four) passed through the area last night. Throughout the thunderstorms we were on the patio of Jack's (under an awning and away from the edge...which was the best seat for an awesome view of the storms and the poor people stuck on the street when there were sporadic torrential downpours). Now if you had asked me three or four years ago what I would be doing during a severe thunderstorm....I can tell you with certainty it would not involve being anywhere near windows, let alone outside. I have come a long way in four short years, summers in North Carolina have shaken the scaredy cat out of me. Granted, I won't be standing in the middle of the street holding an umbrella, but I can now appreciate the craziness of Mother Nature and enjoy the visual and auditory stimulation of a good thunderstorm. There were a few thunderous booms that had the whole restaurant jumping, but everyone stayed safe and continued to enjoy their evening.

All in all it was a fantastic birthday/anniversary. The thunderstorm was entertaining, we made (temporary) friends with some of the other patio dwellers, and I got many compliments on my dress. And our favorite waiter also gave us complimentary tiramisu and strawberries. Yum!


  1. So glad you had a great night! And seriously... we just got our cable box replaced from the last set of storms, and seriously I was going to cut someone if I had to wait yet another week to get it replaced again.

    Also I'm totally picking up some of those wipes. :D

  2. Oooh, I must try those stain removers! I'm notorious for spilling things on only my fancy clothes (of course!) Glad you had a wonderful time :)

  3. So, so glad you had such a great night! Love the dress, love that you made such a great night of the thunderstorm, and love that those silk wipes came to the rescue--I will totally be looking out for those.

    Happy belated birthday and anniversary!!

    Also: glad you found some cute jeans :) Three guesses as to who's behind on her reader. Me? Excellent answer!