Thursday, June 19, 2008

Extensions Solve All Hair Problems

After yesterday's hair cut and the realization that I may not have the hair do I imagined for the day of my wedding, I decided I needed to look into extensions. Getting them professionally done ranges anywhere from $800 to $1000 around DC and that is just wayyy out of my price range, so I googled the nearest Sally Beauty Supply for a little DIY project.

They had lots to chose from, and I was able to get two separate clip in extensions for only $60 dollars. I decided it would be weird if I had short hair for all the pre-wedding festivities, then suddenly had long flowing locks the day of the I got one straight and one curly.

The straight one is a Revlon Length + One Piece Synthetic Hair Extensions. Sally's only had the 18 inch extension (not sure if there are other lengths), but when I first put it in Alson told me it looked like a mullet. I then spent an hour cutting and layering so that it would look natural when clipped in. I think I did a pretty good job considering I am not a hairstylist. This type of extension is similar to how Jessica Simpson's Hairdo extensions work, with a cap and snap clips, but was significantly cheaper. Here is a shot of my new straight hair:

I don't have a "before" shot....but if you can imagine, my actual length is at the shortest layer...about chin length.

The curly one is a Put On Pieces Ponytail Hair Extension. I figured my hair would be up anyway, so a simple clip in ponytail extension would be easy to integrate into a pretty updo. I will probably have the ponytail pinned up, but at least the added length will be there to give me some volume. Here is a shot of my curly hair (taken at the Tidal Basin with my cell phone):

Even if I don't actually use them for the wedding, (I am waiting for more critical people to examine them....i.e. my bridesmaids), they were only $60 dollars! Bottom crisis averted!


  1. o.O i like them! they look good! (based on the fotos :) )

  2. First, I will say that the photos look super cute, and I mean that.

    However, on your wedding day -- just be yourself! You are so pretty and you will be radiant -- just make sure whatever you choose you are comfortable and feel like yourself. You don't want anything that is going to make you self conscious, ya know? (People will be staring at you ALL DAY.)

  3. You look great!

    Are you doing a trial run with your hair for the wedding?

    Ditto what Janet says too:)

  4. Very cute! They're a good match! As a side note, you would be suprised at what they can do with your hair for updos! My hair was just a little longer than yours, but it looked like it was much longer after my updo was up because the curls added so much volume.

  5. I've never tried hair extensions but you're making me think about it next time I decide to get it chopped and regret it later. But I may need your help cutting it to look normal.

  6. Ooooh, those are pretty! I am hair-and-all-things-hair-related disabled, so I don't feel that any opinion I may--but probably don't--have is valid.