Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Monkey Wrench Has Been Thrown

We are getting married in 20 days. Yesterday I was excited, today I am wishing it was 200 days away.

My dad called me this morning to tell me he and my mom spent all day yesterday in the emergency mom blew out her knee. OMG, WHAT? Apparently she was just walking yesterday and heard a pop. As quick and simple as that.

She has had a lot of problems with her legs and feet in the past; she had surgery last May (we thought the problems had been corrected) and has been going to physical therapy a couple times a week after she started having pain in her knees a few months after the surgery. Also, she now only wears orthopedic approved shoes (something that no one can be happy about).

She cannot put any weight whatsoever on that knee, and because of the problems she has had in the past, and the potential for blowing out her other knee if she puts too much pressure on it, crutches are not an option. She is currently in a wheelchair, which will likely be her method of transportation for the next few months, and doped up on Vicodin for the pain. There is no possible way she could have the surgery she now needs and be healed in under three weeks.

I can't believe this happened so close to our wedding, now I feel terrible and as if she won't be able to enjoy herself. I guess no more unity candle because she won't be able to get up on the alter, no dancing at the reception (big sad face), we probably shouldn't leave our hyperactive dog with them while we are on our honeymoon (she looooooves dog sitting), I doubt we will be able to have our mother/daughter spa day the Wednesday before the wedding, all the pictures with the constant reminder of the injury and how it changed her participation in the wedding....the list goes on and on.

And now the text she just sent me has me reduced to tears:
"Just want to let you and Alson know everything will be fine. I will not let you two down. Lots of peeps to help if needed! I will do the wheelchair rock if I have too!"

So I guess that the wedding plans will be turned on their head a bit, but hopefully our family (both old and new) will be able to persevere and still make it as special as we always dreamed.


  1. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your mom and her knee. Something tells me your wedding will still an amazing time, and just as fun. OMG 20 days?! you must be flipping out- as did i when people started saying "you must be flipping out!" lol ;)

  2. It will be okay. My brother sprained his ankle (badly) the night before his wedding, and walked down the aisle on crutches. Pretty sucky wedding night. Hope your mom gets better soon.

  3. That stinks but she will be there and that is all that really matters. Maybe you can have whoever pushes her down the aisle bring the unity candle to her?? Just a thought

  4. I hope she's feeling okay! Does she have a cast of any type?

  5. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. From the note she sent you though, she sounds quite awesome and I'm sure it will just make your wedding all the more memorable :)