Friday, March 2, 2012

Half Baked

Just wanted to stop in to say hi and give everyone a 20 week update. Yep, I have made it to the halfway point of this pregnancy!

I am feeling great and have no major complaints. I sometimes wake up sore from sleeping on my side for too long and I get occasional heartburn, but that is about it. I'm definitely experiencing the 2nd trimester honeymoon.

We have tried to find out the sex of the baby twice now, and both times there was no cooperation. At 15 weeks the baby was breech and had its legs crossed. At 19 weeks the baby was still breech and had the cord between its legs. Gah! After the last try I was really disappointed, but I warmed up to the idea of waiting until birth to find out. Now that is our plan!

We had the anatomy scan last week and the doctor said everything looked good. I also started feeling movement last week and it provides me with SO much comfort and reassurance. It's also a little strange...but in a good way. Feeling movement has made the pregnancy feel real to me. There is really a little person in there!

I am slowly growing a bump! Here are some progression pictures:

11W1D, 13W5D, and 15W0D

16W5D, 17W4D, and 18W0D

18W6D, 19W1D, and 20W1D

We have started working on the nursery! We bought a crib last night, ordered a changing table that should be delivered next week, bought some Etsy prints and hung them on the wall, and ordered a glider/recliner, which should be delivered in 6-8 weeks. I also FINALLY was able to pull out the nursery bedding that I bought during my first pregnancy. We waffled about whether we wanted to sell it or use it, but in the end we decided we wanted to use it because we do not want to forget our angel babies or to pretend like my miscarriages never happened. Here is a picture of one of the prints that gives you an idea of what the nursery will look like:

I'll be back with more nursery pictures as soon as we get everything in place!