Monday, June 23, 2008

Deep Breaths

Last night as I lay awake far later than I have in weeks (I have always had trouble falling asleep, but since moving to DC I have been sleeping better...seems odd I know, but it's true), I found myself having difficulty breathing.

I, of course, was going over the many wedding related details that still need to be addressed, which led me to start realizing that the wedding is seriously right around the corner. As in, next weekend. And, because we are getting married in NC, we are leaving a week from tomorrow to start attending all the many pre-wedding festivities. Yikes!

I don't know what exactly I am freaking out about, I am not worried about Alson and I or anything commitment related (which essentially is what is most important). It's more like all the hype of the last TWO YEARS is going to be gone in a flash, plus the fact that weddings are such a big deal and the fact that it is going to be all about us makes me slightly, okay quite nervous.

OMG...right as I finished typing that last sentence, my blackberry rang, alerting me to this email:

Unless there is an earthquake, don't sweat the little things that may come up on your wedding day.
We are looking forward to seeing the worlds most beautiful bride.
Love Ya,
Grandma & Grandpa Coughlin

Wow, that was just what I needed to hear! And I still can't get over the timing....

Anyway, just needed a second to express my thoughts/ I will take some deep breaths and try not to sweat the little things.


  1. The week before my wedding was the most God awful week of my entire life. Then Friday came and that brought my bestest friend spending the afternoon with me and mom doing last minute errands. That was the best afternoon of my life and it just got better:-) The day of the wedding I was so calm people were asking my bestest friend if I was medicated (not) so relax and enjoy the ride. As long as you say "I do" and he says "I do" the rest is just a big o' bonus of happy.

  2. Awwww! It's going to be alright, and I can't wait to hear about how great your wedding went. <3

  3. You're going to love every second of "wedding week." Magically, all the stress just floats away!

  4. Wow. I can't believe it's next weekend. That's so soon!! Enjoy it while it lasts because it's crazy how that much planning and excitement can be gone all the sudden. We had three receptions so we got to live out the wedding bliss for three weeks, but enjoy the day as much as you can cause I doubt you're having three receptions :) I'm excited to hear all about it.

  5. Hang in there, Jackie!

    And that email from your grandparents? Precious. I'm glad it helped, and I'm glad you shared!

  6. Ok so I'm really bad at commenting and, actually, this is my first attempt at figuring out how. Anywayssss...I love you Jack- you are going to be the most beautiful bride I've ever seen, and I am looking forward to having the time of my life at your wedding. It seems like only yesterday....(ok, ok...kind of gay, but..) we were listening to Mr. Jones, driving in the Pathfinder, getting hyped up for a night out! Ohhh where has the time gone! <333

  7. That e-mail from your grandparents is so cute! And also? ENJOY this time! I will be married 2 years in September and I still miss that wonderful engagement/planning time. Sounds corny, but it's so special.

  8. Oh my gosh it's almost here! As much as you've been stressing, next week will be wonderful - even the crazy parts. You will be the most beautiful bride in the world. How amazing was it that your grandparent's email came at that very second.

    It's a sign really. You should print that out and carry it with you next week to bring you extra good luck :)