Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Next Time You Hear From Me (Sort Of), I'll Be A Mrs.

Since I will most definitely not be bringing a laptop to NC or on our honeymoon, I have decided to do the auto post thing that Britni introduced me to when she went on a cruise last month.

My parents are stopping in DC this weekend, Alson's sister and parents are stopping in on Monday, and then we are headed to Pinehurst on it is about time I start working on the posts I will schedule for when we are off getting married and then relaxing on the beach.

Since I ventured into the blog world far into the wedding planning process and many of you don't know much about the details of our big day, I have decided to post mainly about different aspects of the wedding, or things leading up to the wedding. I will try to avoid any topics we have already covered in the past two months. Speaking of all those previous wedding posts...thank you all for the well wishes and tips to stay sane on the big day, I will definitely keep them in mind when I am breathing into a paper bag before I have to walk down the aisle.

Just kidding. I think.

So unless I get super motivated and decide to do a "live post" sometime before we leave for the wedding....this will be my last post as an unmarried gal. CRAZY!


  1. EEK! Oh my gosh, honey, have the best wedding ever!! Congratulations :)

  2. Congratulations. I'm so excited for you. Being a wife is amazing but the wedding is the best part :)

  3. Congratulations! I am so excited for you and I can't wait to hear all bout the Big Day and everything!


  4. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!


  5. Good luck and have a WONDERFUL time! Don't freak, everything will be fabulous!

  6. everything will be great, just enjoy it all! can't wait for details and photos!

  7. congratulations on the impending big day!
    i'm looking forward to all the details while you're gone and then hearing about the results when you get back! enjoy yourself!

  8. Congratulations!!! By the way I just got your comment on my blog and I will be a Clinical Psychologist. Stupid spam filter thingee:-)