Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Vicious Hair Cycle

I hate getting my hair cut. I usually put it off for as long as possible. But my hair was really thin on the ends....a sign that it has been far too long since my last cut, so I figured I should probably suck it up and go get my ends trimmed before the wedding. I have been searching for a semi-reasonable hair salon (I have read so many Yelp reviews I can barely keep all the different salons straight) since we moved, and finally decided that everywhere has good reviews and bad, so I might as well go somewhere close to home.

I finally decided on Subairi Salon because it is right next to the place where I have been tanning, and Lexi told me they have a first time client special. The salon was cute, albeit dead (my appointment was 1pm on a Wednesday), and overall I had a good experience. The lady who cut my hair was pretty quiet, but I'm not usually a chatterbox with strangers so it didn't really bother me. My $50 dollar cut was knocked down to $45 with the new client special, not nearly the wallet dent I was expecting!

Sounds like a nice experience, yet I (ALWAYS) have cutter's remorse. The last time I got my hair cut was in December, so of course I had some pretty serious split ends. I asked for a trim, but probably got a good inch to an inch and a half chopped off because that is how much needed to be cut for my hair to be healthy. Booo! I wanted my hair to be long and easily style-able for the wedding!

I don't know why I can't break myself of this vicious cycle....I get a cut, they cut more than I wanted because my hair is unhealthy, I refuse to get my hair cut for a long time because I don't want to have that happen again, 6 months go by, hair is nasty again, get a get the picture. This wasn't so bad back in the day when I had long hair, but since I chopped off my hair back when I started working in a high school in an effort to not look like a student*, the cycle has been more traumatic.

Clearly this could be solved if I went more often and didn't let it get to the point where a ton of hair needs to be cut, but because I have never experienced this...I am not sure that going every 2 or 3 months will result in actual "trims". But I really do want to grow my hair out again (and I had wanted to for the wedding, but I guess that is just not in the cards) so I think I need an intervention. Anyone want to let me in on their hair growing secrets?

*I now feel like I can hold my own with the high school students and don't need short hair to assert that I am an adult.


  1. I finally live close to my one and only Julio at TC International in Alexandria who is the only person I trust with my hair. Yet I still put it off. The thought of people messing with my hair puts the fear of god in me.

  2. I went to a salon up in Townson, MD, and she did a great job but that's not anywhere close. I'm the same way as you thought. I love my hair long but for some reason always decide I'm going to like it short and cut it. It never works and then I just grow it out again.

  3. SO BRAVE of you to try out a new stylist so close o your wedding! It took me months of living here to trust anyone with my hair, and that was just for every day. I probably would have flown back home to my Seattle stylist had I been in your position. So glad it worked out!

  4. I got my hair cut there once! I liked it, but I tend to hop around a lot. But ever since I found a new guy (forget his name) at Bang near the Verizon center I am settled down and being faithful to him. So if you want to go somewhere else next time, email me! :) this guy is great even though I can't remember his name...

  5. I usually go 6 months between cuts too! And also, I had a horrible hair cut experience about a month before my wedding. The guy took it upon himself to cut layers into my hair when all I wanted was a trim!