Monday, June 2, 2008

Upstate NY Makes for Nice Photos

Since the move, I have not been participating in the Exposaroonie weekly challenges. Sad face. For the first two weeks I didn't unpack my laptop....and Alson's laptop doesn't have the necessary photo uploading programs for the pictures I did take. Plus, I was just too overwhelmed to partake in any challenges.

Recently I looked back to see what the challenges were.....and I was sad to find I missed the chance to submit some really nice nature photos we took while we were back in New York two weeks ago. So although I didn't submit my photos (and Alson didn't submit his....he took some great ones too!), I thought they were pretty enough to share with all of you. If you have never been to upstate New York, this is what you are missing!

Taughannock seen from the falls overlook.

A view of Cayuga Lake

Lower Taughannock Creek (taken from the car while driving 55 the passenger, not the driver)

A winery along the Seneca Lake wine trail.

This area has so many photo opportunities I could waste a whole day taking pictures.

And one last photo to leave you with:
Kona illustrating what she thought of all the traveling we did that weekend.


  1. In LOVE with the second and fourth shots, Little Miss Photographer.

  2. Beautiful photos! I'd say the other entrants lucked out that these didn't make the cut : )

    I've never been upstate, but I just might have to plan a trip now...