Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dem Jeans

A couple weeks ago I came home from my first book club meet-up and noticed that I had a large rip in my favorite pair of 7 Jeans. I have no idea what happened, but it looked as though the jeans got caught on something sharp and ripped cleanly down the right seat. I left them sitting on the couch for days (I had them for like 5 years and had difficulty parting ways) and recently threw them in the trash because they were not fixable.

Since my birthday is on Tuesday, Alson decided that he wanted to buy me a new pair of jeans. Today we ventured into Adams Morgan because we read there was a denim boutique called Screaming Denim that (obviously) specialized in designer jeans. And it had lots of great reviews. Perfect! Except that when we showed up it was closed, as in there was nothing inside the store.

We stumbled upon Nana, a cute boutique on U Street, and they had a pair of Kasil Jeans that looked awesome on, but were probably 4 inches too long. And Kasil only makes jeans with 34" inseams. Gah! I really liked them because they are kind of stretchy so they form fit, perfect for my bubble butt.

We found another store (maybe on 13th and S), and when I asked the lady if they had any jeans with a shorter inseam, she said a lot of designers are only making jeans with 34" inseams to cut costs. Not good for people who aren't 5'10". I may go back to Nana, buy them, and get them tailored...but that's more money.

Anyone know of some cute boutiques? Or stretch-type jeans I may like? Or a tailor that won't cost an arm and a leg?


  1. Ooh please let me know if you find a good tailor that isn't too pricey. I need one badly because I'm definitely not 5"10.

  2. Tailors shouldn't be that expensive just to take up a pair of jeans. I wouldn't see that being too costly. Try a dry cleaning service. They're usually pretty good about stuff.

    And that's amazing to me. I'm six feet tall and it's always IMPOSSIBLE for me to find jeans that are long enough.

  3. My favorite sevens met with a similarly unfortunate demise, though they're just truly getting old :(

    I actually replaced them with Kasils, believe it or not, which I LOVE. I bought them at the Denim Bar on Pentagon Row, if you're up for a NoVA experience. It's a great place; lots of styles, helpful people, plus they actually offer you a beer when you're trying stuff on. Crazy! If you buy your jeans there, you can wear them and wash them and bring them back in for alterations with the receipt; it was something like $25, so not too bad.