Friday, June 27, 2008

Pinehurst....and the Wedding Sites

My first of many scheduled posts! Here goes....

Since we first got engaged, many people have asked why we are getting married in North Carolina. Perhaps you are wondering too....

Pinehurst, NC is where my grandparents have a home, where I spent many summers/spring breaks/holidays vacationing and visiting family, and where we spent the weekend of our engagement. It is a super quaint village known for its world class golf courses and beautiful landscape. Ever since I was a little girl (I know, I cliche) I wanted to get married there. When I first told this to Alson, he was more than happy to spend his wedding weekend at a place where he can play many rounds of golf.

Also, since I come from two huge families...we figured having a semi-destination wedding would "weed out" (omg I know that sounds terrible) the relatives who I don't really know, that would come to the wedding only because it was in my hometown (where EVERYONE lives) and was convenient. Alson and I are not looking to "meet people" the day of our wedding. The plan worked....we invited 305 and 158 have RSVPed that they will make the trip. So back to Pinehurst....

The wedding will take place at the Village Chapel, which is situated on the village green (not the best shot, but the only one I could find).
Photo from Hagan & Hagan

A cocktail party and dinner reception will follow at The Carolina Hotel, right around the green from the chapel.

Photo from

Can't wait to see better pictures of these places with Alson and I in them!


  1. I know what you mean about not wanting to meet people at your wedding. We felt the same way - and we didn't! It was perfect.

    Can't wait to see photos of you two there as well. It looks gorgeous and I'm glad you were able to have your wedding at the place you always wanted.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! And don't feel bad about the weeding out...we had our wedding on a Friday and on Labor Day weekend for the same reason! Only the people who really love you and care about you will come :)