Friday, May 30, 2008

Mix it Up!

I received many fabulous gifts at my bridal tea last weekend. The one I am currently most excited about is this Sunbeam Heritage Hand Mixer. A hand mixer? My favorite gift? That sounds slightly pathetic...but I digress. Look how cute it is!
We only registered for a little hand held mixer because our kitchen is small and one of those big bowl mixers would take up precious counter space. Maybe someday I will have a kitchen full of large appliances...but for now this mixer is perfect! Look how it stores:Surprisingly, it packs a lot of power! I used it tonight to make some Funfetti cupcakes (my absolute favorite). The mixing step is a lot easier when you don't have to do manual labor. I am sold! Now if only I could resist baking and use it for making healthy food....anyone have yummy dinner recipes that employ the use of a mixer?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fake and Bake....and Splotches

I must admit.....after moving to DC and hitting the 6 week wedding countdown, I decided that I needed to hit up the tanning salon. I haven't been tanning in over two years (I did use to tanbefore any school dance or major life even...more on this well as during the winter because a pasty white body in a skimpy cheerleading uniform did not go over well), but the looming wedding has led me to fake and bake again. I know I know, it's so bad for you and I'm asking for skin cancer....but I think I have a legitimate reason!

First of all, I have super fair skin. Second, I get this really awful nervous hive breakout thing when I drink alcohol, get nervous, embarrassed, anxious, laugh really hard, cry, or have pretty much any other kind of emotional reaction. I get really red. Like really, really red. Sometimes, it kind of looks like hives (but is flat to the touch). Some say it looks "splotchy". The degree of redness and splotchyness is usually directly related to the level of emotion or amount of alcohol. No matter how I describe it, it's unattractive. When I get splotchy, I then get more anxious about the splotches and they get worse. Needless to say, it is a recipe for disaster (and awful pictures) on my wedding day.

There once was an episode of Grey's Anatomy that touched on this topic. If I remember correctly, the girl had to get some kind of surgery ( is Grey's!) and it was very risky and not necessarily going to work. I have done lots of internet research on the topic and even went to a dermatologist, and they basically told me "sorry, there is nothing we can do". I think I read in Modern Bride that there was some kind of drug like an antihistamine could help control the redness, but then you can't drink.

Anyway, over the years I have kind of learned to calm myself down when I feel them coming on. This works most of the time. For my wedding day, however, I am pretty sure my emotions will be difficult to control and my deep breathing and relaxation methods won't work as I would hope. Interestingly, once I reach a level of drunkness, the splotches's like I'm not worrying about them anymore and they go away (I smell psychosis, lol). But, I don't want to be hammered when I walk down the aisle, so that option is out the window too. I have found that tanning and (obviously) making my skin darker makes the redness not as obvious. But, it will still be there! So I will continue to tan until the wedding, but only like once or twice a week (I don't want to actually look like a fake and bake!).

And if anyone else has experienced the splotches or know someone who does, give me tips please!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Longest of Long Weekends

I feel like I have been gone forever!

We left for NY on Thursday morning and got back this afternoon. We weren't planning on leaving that early or staying that long, but that's how it worked out. The weekend was JAM PACKED with wedding festivities, visiting family, and trying to pull our life together before the wedding. I don't feel rested, which I was hoping for with the long weekend...but I will admit that most of the weekend was a lot of fun. I even got to see three of my closest friends from college!

We got lots of new stuff from our friends and family at my bridal tea. And when we first walked into our hallway there were 4 boxes outside our door. Nothing like broadcasting to the world that we were out of town. So yes, we are back to square one...okay maybe square three or four, but still not finished...with operation organize apartment. But, that's the extent of my complaining because I truly am grateful for all the new stuff. We had previously been using towels that I got at the beginning of my senior year of college...needless to say they were a tad worn...and bleach stained. Speaking of that, I don't even use bleach! How does that always seem to happen to my towels!!

More later or tomorrow on the tea, our new stuff, wine tour, and weekend in general!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Georgetown = Dangerous

Today Alson and I ventured out to Georgetown (and not to the DMV this time) for a little shopping. First we hit up Banana Republic...aka sale central. Alson got a really great blazer ($50...originally $200), a pair of jeans and a pair of cargoes (both 30% off), and this sweater:
It looks sooo nice on; Alson wore it to our fav hangout tonight...and I'm pretty sure he had some eyes wandering towards him. Luckily, I'm not the jealous type. Ladies, I suggest this sweater for an upcoming present for any man in your life.

As for me, I got a nice pair of dress khakis and black pants ($20 and $40, respectively), this pink cardigan ($18, although I'm pretty sure mine is a little darker) :

And this black "going out" shirt ( also $18) :

Despite getting side tracked by Banana, the real reason we ventured out to Georgetown was to hit up the Coach store. The first bag I liked (as discussed here) was really lovely, but ultimately a little over my budget, and the second was just not as nice in person. In the end I decided on this nice signature style tote:

Can't wait to use it tomorrow when we travel back to NY!

Always a Yankee, But....

Although we will always be Yankees fans at heart, Alson and I have rationalized that we can also be Nationals fans since they are in different leagues. To some die hard Yankees fans this is still illegal, but whatever, we live here now! Funny digression, the first time I met Alson's parents, his dad's second or third question was whether I was a Yankees or Mets fan. I'm pretty sure I got approval at that moment.

Last night we went to our first Nationals game, and it was a lot of fun. The new ballpark is beautiful, and the area between the metro and the ballpark (Half Street?) looks like it has some great development plans for the near future. It even ended up being really nice out! No rain and not too cool or too warm.

We were pretty surprised to see how many people were at a random Tuesday night game. The organization is definitely working to establish a talented club, as well as a more prominent baseball tradition for the city. Next time we will drink before we go.....$7.50 for a 12 ounce Bud Light. But, regardless of the prices, which should be expected at any major league game, it was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DC is Rainy

I think it has rained in DC 10 out of the 12 days we have lived here. Now, I was born and raised in upstate NY where it is only sunny for like 60 days out of the year and most of those non-sunny days are rainy.....but after living in the south for two years, I kind of got used to the perpetual droughts.

In honor of all the rain, the other day I bought a pair of Lilly Pulitzer's Kids Swellies. They were just delivered, and are super cute.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of the boots with the pattern, so we are going to have to make due with what we have.

Here are the boots:
And this is the pattern:The best freakishly small feet fit into the kid's version (making them cheaper in general) and they were on sale at Splash of Pink. Yippy! I secretly want some rain today, but I know I will be miserable at the National's game tonight if it actually is raining. I think I will wear the swellies just in case though!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Incentive to Go Shopping

Since I don't start my job until August, and it is pretty hard to find a short-term job when you can only work for a month, need two weeks off to get married and celebrate that marriage, and then can only work two more weeks before the "real" job begins....I have been spending most of my free time shopping. Both out in the real world and online.

The other day I entered a contest Katie (from Le Petit Chic) was having for a 25% off Coach coupon...and...I won! Yay! Thanks Katie!! After hearing about the news this morning, I have been looking online at some of the bags I like.

I love love love this bag, but it's wayyyy over my budget. Will have to do some calculations....

This one is really cute too, and seems a little more functional. Love the pearly white color too!

Coach store, here I come!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Adventures in Moving: Part One

I have unpacked my laptop, uploaded pictures from both cameras onto my computer, and can finally share the first part of our journey!

When we initially signed up for a U-haul, we ordered a 17 foot truck...the size recommended for a one bedroom apartment. Instead they gave us a 26 foot one: While we were packing, we let Kona out without her leash because we figured it was the last time she would be able to roam around freely (well unless we venture out to VA to visit a dog park). And honestly, it was a pain shutting and opening the door every time we brought something out to the truck. She was such a good girl, staying around the vicinity of our apartment, and even guarded the truck while we were running inside and out.
And another view (from our porch) once the truck started filling up:I was quite scared that we wouldn't make it due to the U-haul's monstrosity and the tininess of our one-way street in DC. Obviously, we made it...but not without a stop on the side of I-95 to fix a flying belt that detached from the cab at some point during the trip, and a rise in both our blood pressures once we actually arrived in the city not knowing (a) how to drive in this city in general (b) how to drive a monster truck through the packed streets {poor Alson} and (c) how to navigate and communicate to each other since I was driving separately in my car. But, that part is over....and we have vowed to stay in our new place for as long as humanly possible. I think I even said I would forgo having children just so we wouldn't have to move out of our tiny one bedroom, haha.

Here are the shots I took before we started unloading all our stuff:

Our bedroom...I wasn't sure about the color when we looked at the apartment, but I think we can make it work!

Our living room and dining nook...yay for the fireplace and built-ins! And our kitchen and breakfast bar...and the hallway to the bathroom and bedroom.

We are STILL trying to get everything all neat and tidy....and once we do I will post some of the finished product!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mission: Put Together

So I know I’m 16 days late in joining Mission: Put Together, but I just found RA's blog today.

I saw Janet’s link to an outfit a couple weeks back, but didn’t understand what her "casual day outfit" was all about until I saw something about it again today, and started doing a little investigating. What I found was a really cool way to see what other bloggers are wearing, so I learn how to put together an outfit while getting some feedback from the other picture posters.

What a perfect time to embark on dressing nice, as I will FINALLY be starting my internship in a couple months (okay, so it's still a ways away, but no sense in waiting until the last minute to figure out how to look good for work right?). Also, since I have recently transplanted from the tobacco fields (the town I lived in literally was built in the middle of tobacco land) of Eastern North Carolina...and graduate school for that matter...where it is acceptable to wear sweats, t-shirts, and un-professional clothing on a daily basis, to DC where all the people I see on the streets are so nicely put together, I sense it's time to stop dressing like a 4 year old (at least when I am venturing out into public).

I was planning on getting ready and looking nice anyway....I am going to meet Alson downtown after (his) work so we can do a little shopping and get a drink. Now I can photograph my outfit and share it with the blog world.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Feeling It....

Since the move, I have had no real desire to blog. I dunno what it is? I have lots to write about...and lots of pictures documenting the last week, but I just don't feel like it. I have been using Alson's laptop because mine is still packed somewhere, so I can't actually upload pics from my camera onto his computer, so that may be holding me back. Also, there are still a few things around the apartment that we need to take care of (our bedroom, for example, still has a lot of clutter that somehow needs to be stored).

The stress of it all has worn me down (damn you DMV!!), but I do love all the fun and exciting things to do in our neighborhood! And tonight I ate Thai food for the first time; that is an accomplishment :)

Maybe once I feel more at ease with everything I will once again be inspired.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We Survived the Move

We made it. We are still trying to organize and pull our lives together though. Will write when my anxiety returns to a normal level. Thanks for all the well wishes!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We're Getting So Close!

I actually feel like we are making progress with the packing. Today we gave one of our friends (who is moving into her first unfurnished apartment) a desk and chair, a bookcase, a filing cabinet, a grill, and lots of other miscellaneous stuff. We also took a bunch of random crap to Goodwill that we won't have room for in the new place. Tonight we are giving away our living room TV (we are getting a wall mounted one to save space), TV stand, and another bookcase (we have built-in bookshelves along one wall in the living room). Tomorrow we are giving our massive dining room table and chairs to a friend of the family (we will be using our patio furniture in our dining "nook"). So even though we had to get rid of a lot of stuff and it has been stressful orchestrating it all, I can finally see the light at the end of the moving tunnel! Let's hope my optimism sticks around tomorrow when we start packing up the U-haul and actually moving stuff out.

Now if only I could find time to study for my final tomorrow....perhaps in the morning?

Getting to Know Me

My BFF (love still using that term) sent me an e-mail yesterday entitled "Getting to Know You 2008 Edition". I am pretty sure she could answer all the questions for me, so I figured this would be a good post for my blog since I am super bored again and don't want to study for my final tomorrow. (Before I start, I quick digression....I love how three weeks ago I complained and complained about being so busy and having no free time, and then the second I have a free moment I complain and complain about being bored...I need to work on my attitude!).

On to the survey....

WHAT TIME DID YOU GET UP THIS MORNING? 7:54...I had to drop Alson off at work so I could have the car today

DIAMONDS OR PEARLS? Hmm I like the diamonds on my engagement ring, but pearls are my birthstone so I think I will go with pearls

WHAT IS THE LAST FILM THAT YOU SAW AT THE CINEMA? I think it was Superbad...Alson and I have never been big movie theater goers....I can't stand people talking or smacking popcorn when I am trying to enjoy I movie

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? Law & Order, LOST, Rules of Engagement



WHAT FOOD DO YOU DISLIKE? Oh man, I'm a picky eater, so there are many dislikes...



FAVORITE SANDWICH? Any take on Caprese


FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING? Ribbed tank tops (aka wife beaters...sooo politically incorrect)


WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BATHROOM? White, with brown and green neutral, earthy accents (but I have done the neutral thing for 4 years and registered for blue it will be changing in the coming weeks)
FAVORITE BRAND OF CLOTHING? Gap...I also favor little known designers that make cool stuff that is still cheap



FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH? Football and Hockey

FARTHEST PLACE YOU ARE SENDING THIS? I'm not really sending it

FAVORITE SAYING? a good way!


ARE YOU A MORNING OR NIGHT PERSON? Definitely a night person, I am super grumpy when I first wake up


PETS? Kona!

ANY NEW AND EXCITING NEWS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH US? My last final EVER is tomorrow and I'm moving Friday




WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? Any kind of tropical mix







FAVORITE RESTAURANT? Consol's, Alimonti's, Cortese's, Tony's (I miss NY Italian like you wouldn't believe)



SUMMER OR WINTER? It used to be summer until I moved to NC, where temperatures reach 100 in May and remain in the triple digits until October




WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Last Saturday, when Alson and I went over our answers to the pre-marital counseling homework. It was very emotional, in a good way!


WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? Went to a good-bye dinner with all the school psychos and honorary psychos

FAVORITE SMELL? Hmm, walking into my parents house when my mom is cooking


SALTY OR SWEET? Usually salty

HOW MANY KEYS ON YOUR RING? Enough to make me sound like a janitor

HOW MANY YEARS AT YOUR CURRENT JOB? Zero, I haven't started my new job yet



DO YOU MAKE FRIENDS EASILY? I guess so, but I am picky about the friends I keep

Wow, that was a long one! Hope you learned some cool stuff about me :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Exposaroonie Weekly Photo Challenge

Clearly I am bored today. I am without a car (as we sold Alson's yesterday and he has taken "ours" to work today) and I don't feel like packing, the only other thing on my to-do list. Hence three posts (so far) in one day.....

This week's challenge at Exposaroonie is to take a photo of a bad habit. Although I have many bad habits to choose from, I settled on letting Kona sleep in our bed. I know that lots of people say this is a no-no, but she's just so cute and snuggly! And she doesn't shed. Okay, enough is my submission:

And some other shots:

Straddling our freshly washed and folded laundry

Sleeping the day away

Thanks to my models :)

My Childhood Obsession

Did I really just post about politics and voting? Speaking of voting....

The other day I completed a test given by Janet from Love is Blonde. My response to the question: When I was a kid, I had an irrational crush on _____________. has placed me in a poll for the most irrational crush. I also got kudos for the stuff I was willing to divulge....

My response revealed my childhood obsession with Angela Lansbury, including a dedicated viewership to Murder She Wrote and her exercise video. I also named all my dolls Angela in honor of her and (something I didn't reveal during the test) even asked for and received a typewriter one Christmas when I was like 10. So funny, but so true!

Read about the other answers here. Janet even opened a poll to find what crush (in my case obsession) is most amusing. I am not sure if I should be flattered or embarrassed....okay I'm flattered :)

Primary Day

When all the presidential primary hoopla started many months back, I looked up the date of North Carolina's primary so I would know when it was my time to vote. I remember thinking that it sucked that the primary was so late in the game, but here we are today...campaigns on the line.

Voting day has arrived and now a new wrench is thrown into the mix. Apparently I am a Republican?! Now I will admit that I grew up in a very Republican household (as big business is the field of choice for many family members), but after a couple years on my own and some exposure to more democratic ideas, I would have to say that my views definitely lean more towards the left. Not very far left, but I have a more liberal perspective on certain issues that are important to most 20 somethings. Also, most recently (as a result of grad school and practicum experience) issues relating to the public school systems have helped me to distinguish my party allegiance. I could go on for hours about the flaws in No Child Left Behind (as I'm sure most school employees could), and I think both democratic candidates have the better reform plans for NCLB. Okay, enough about my views....back to the issue at hand, not being able to vote.

I don't remember registering as a Republican when I moved to North Carolina, but I guess I reverted back to the default Republican family view when checking the box. I also wasn't as informed about the voting process, or politics in general, at the time. But, after living with Alson and spending many a nights having deep political discussions, I now consider myself a girl who can hold her own in a political conversation (something that is a must when visiting with Alson's parents...but, more on that some other time). So here I sit today, not voting because I am not able! Booooo!

Next thing to research, the voting rules for DC....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Canine Crawl

Yesterday was the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Canine Crawl, and Kona was a proud participant! We arrived at the park early, so we were able to get some fresh air and hang out along the river and at the park before the crawl started. It was such a beautiful day, I couldn't resist taking tons of pictures. Here are a few:

River Walk

Keeping a lookout for dog park friends

Waiting for the Canine Crawl to start


My turn to walk with Kona

Such a fun day! We can't wait to find fun stuff to do in our new neighborhood!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Delivery Day!

Yesterday was full of deliveries! First, my new pair of Salomon TechAmphibian shoes came. These are the best outdoorsy shoes EVER and I am so glad I found them on sale, because they are normally $80. I previously had a pair, but Kona's first night with us, she chewed the strap on one of the heels and they never quite fit the same. I have been wanting to buy a new pair for over a year, but have been putting it off because I knew eventually they would be on sale. Look how cute they are:

Photo from

The second package that arrived contained Alson's wedding present. As I said the other day, somewhere on Rare Bird Finds blog I stumbled across Between Me and You Journals and thought "Between Me and You, Honey" would be the perfect wedding gift. The journal contains different questions and prompts throughout the pages, and the person you give it to is supposed to fill it out and eventually give it back.

Photo from

Now, I couldn't let his present be something that is actually for me, but I wanted one as well, so I bought two! One for me and one for him. I gave the journals to him last night (and he gave one back to me, haha...I love buying presents for myself too) and we are going to work on them for the next two months and then exchange them on our wedding night. How perfect!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Another Move

I hate packing. Since that is what I am supposed to be doing right now, what better way to procrastinate than complain about it. I am moving for what seems like the hundredth time in the last 6 years. To illustrate my point I have compiled a list of all the places I have lived since I graduated high school:

1. I first lived in a dorm at the school I attended in Philadelphia for the fall semester of my freshman year (but my car was stolen and I couldn't deal)...

2. So I transfered schools and lived in a dorm at Binghamton University (my alma mater) in Vestal, NY for spring semester of freshman year.

3. All NY Staters at one time aspire to live in NYC, so I spent the summer taking classes at NYU and lived in a dorm in Greenwich Village.

4. I lost in the housing lottery at BU (I didn't really like dorm life anyway) so I moved to an apartment in Johnson City, NY my sophomore year.

5. I then spent the summer living in my grandparent's condo in Pinehurst, NC where my best friend from college and I worked as beverage cart girls at a golf course.....

6. Then moved back to my apartment in Johnson City for my junior year of college.

7. Spent the summer working at the Autism Society of North Carolina (ASNC) summer camp....

8. Then moved into an apartment in Vestal, NY where I lived my senior year of college.

9. Spent another summer working at the ASNC summer camp....

10. Then started graduate school and moved into my first apartment in Greenville (where I lived before Alson moved to NC).

11. Now here we are, living in our current apartment in Greenville.

12. And a week from today we will be moving into our new apartment in DC.

I obviously haven't settled anywhere for longer than a year, although our current apartment has definitely felt like a "home". I hope that we really like our new apartment and the area we are moving to, just so we can avoid a move while Alson is in law school.

Grrr, packing and moving makes me grumpy! (But, it was nice to reminisce about all the fun places I have lived, cool things I have done, and memories I have made....even if packing up all my crap and moving to the next place seemed so daunting at the time...and right now) Once we are unpacked in our new place, I will hopefully be happy and back to my normal self!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Exposaroonie Weekly Photo Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I just got a new camera (yay Canon Rebel!) and am looking to take up photography as a hobby. I saw that Le Petit Chic had posted photos for a weekly photo challenge, and decided that this was the perfect way to start developing my skills!

To assist in the launch of Exposaroonie, this week's challenge is to take a self-portrait so all the photographers can get acquainted. Since I am usually all dolled up for pictures, I wanted to take a different approach and work with the "fresh faced" look. So here is my submission..... me in all my natural glory:

So excited to have a little direction on what to shoot in the coming weeks :)