Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back in NY

A lot has happened since I last stopped by this little blog of mine. I returned to Maryland for a couple weeks, we went to the Kenny and ZBB concert, we celebrated my birthday last weekend, we had a consultation with the fertility doctor, I was offered job #2, we had blood work done for our fertility workup, I signed papers with the district for the per diem job, I decided to gamble and did not accept job #2, I left my job in MD, I finally moved back to NY, and I started working per diem. Despite all that craziness, life is starting to settle down. I am so happy to be back in New York, living in our new home, and working in a great district. I feel so much more relaxed already!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Job #1

Well, I didn't get the first job. The assistant superintendent called me this morning to let me know. She said I interviewed really well and that the team was impressed, but that the applicant pool was very strong and they decided to go with a different candidate. I still feel like poo, but her kind words did make me feel a bit better. I'm sure she said that to everyone, but I do feel like the interviews went well, so there really must have been someone a little better than me. Oh well.

Although I didn't get the full time position, she did ask me to do per diem work starting next week. This is actually a pretty sweet deal, because most of the positions in other districts in the area do not start until after Labor Day, so I can work as a substitute psych*ologist all summer and can continue to look for a full time position for the fall. Also, since it is a sub position, I can decline work if I want, which means we can officially plan a post-bar trip for August. We were hoping we would be able to spend a week or two in Pinehurst, and it looks like that will happen after all. When one door closes another one opens, right? I'm just trying to take it all in stride and be happy that I will soon be home with my husband and puppy!