Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bridal Tea

I haven't had a chance to really talk about the bridal tea or the wine tour (more on that tomorrow) that took place on our trip back to NY. We are headed back to NY again this weekend for a friend's wedding...so in an effort not to confuse everyone with the two trips, I better get typing about our first NY adventure....well since Christmas.

The bridal tea was way better than I imagined. I was quite nervous about the whole bridal shower thing in general, just because I didn't want it to be cheesy and I am not one that craves attention (at least not sober and in front of random relatives). Luckily I think my family and friends realized this and they were able to make it as least anxiety provoking as possible. Kudos to them.

There were antique teapots and tea sets at each table, with extra tea cups and plates serving as centerpieces as well as housing the desserts. It was a traditional lady's tea; scones, strawberries, and cheese for the first course, little sandwiches cut out as pretty shapes for the second course, and dessert for the third course. So lovely and yummy!

We didn't play any silly games, which also made me happy. While I opened many wonderful presents, my aunt (matron of honor) set a timer....if the timer went off when I was opening your present, poof! You won a prize! My flower girl (cousin) was seriously worried that she wouldn't get a prize. She stayed close and kept asking when the timer was going to go off and if it was time to open her present. It was too cute!

My mother, of all people, was the only one to buy me lingerie. I was a little embarrassed, mostly because Alson's mother was in attendance...but my flower girl was quick in saying "that dress is a lot shorter than the one you are wearing," which of course made everyone burst out laughing. It is definitely short, but also beautiful and I love it! I'm sure Alson will too ;)

They also gave out roses to each guest as a favor, which doubled as a pretty table decoration.

And a backdrop for (part of) my wedding party's photo.

It was a really great day and I am so thankful to everyone that helped plan and organize the event!


  1. yes - very pretty and you have great hair :-)

    At least no one did what I did at one shower and bought sex toy the bullet for someone when they really asked for the kitchen appliance the magic bullet - sigh lol

  2. I love this!! How wonderful!

    (PS - my mom was the only one to buy me naughty things for my shower. the last gift I opened was a box that said "For the wedding night" and there were towels in the shape of a wedding cake and the "cake" was surrounded with handcuffs and massage oil, etc. And there was a candy bikini...my mom is crazy! But she said it's important to have fun.)

  3. Excuuuuse me girlie! But I also bought you lingere, but you threatened my life so I left it in my car!;)