Friday, June 20, 2008

Just What I Need...More Shoes

I admit that I am a regular browser of the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy websites. I love the classic and chic style of Gap and Banana, and can always find some cool and cheap (regular priced) items at Old Navy. Plus, their websites always have great deals, and the free shipping for spending over $100 always entices me to look a little more so it puts me over the limit.

The use of my Gap card at Banana Republic while in Georgetown a couple weeks ago qualified me for a $20 reward certificate, so last night I browsed for some more honeymoon apparel. I found a lot of cute stuff, but nothing I had to have, so instead of buying the four things in my shopping cart, I settled for just one pair of shoes, because I couldn't resist.

They were on sale for $70, down from $100....and I had my $20 coupon. Sold!

I guess I will have to go through my current shoe collection and find one pair that I can get rid of, because I certainly don't have room for more shoes in my tiny closet.


  1. If you're looking for somewhere to get rid of the shoes, I'm open to hand-me-down. Very open.

  2. Gasp! Blasphemy! You can ALWAYS make room for another pair of shoes! (And if you can't, um, are you a size 10, by chance?)