Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday! Yay!

To celebrate this afternoon, Alson and I ventured out to Pentagon Row and the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City to do a little birthday shopping. First we hit up the Denim Bar, thanks to a tip from Magda, and I found a really cute pair of jeans. Not the ones I previously blogged about....they didn't have my size, but a pair of Joe's.

Alson also bought me this beautiful dress to wear to dinner tonight. I love it so much I may even wear it to the rehearsal dinner.

The back is what makes the dress! I love the braids, which also go around the halter in front, and end with two jewels.

I also got some great sale items at JCrew and Banana Republic. We could have shopped for hours at the mall...especially with that air conditioning!

Today is also the two year anniversary of our engagement, so we have a lot to celebrate!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday!
    Happy 2 year engagement!

  2. That's a super cute dress. You know what's funny. I was actually at Fashion Center this weekend.. should've checked out those sales. Happy birthday and engagement by the way :)

  3. How are the prices at Denim Bar? I've never been in, but I do need new jeans!

    Super cute dress!

    Happy birthday, hope it was great!

  4. super cute dress!! Happy 2 year engagement and happy happy birthday!!! :)

    p.s. to answer your question about the happy hour saturday - boyfriend will be there :) Hope you guys can make it!

  5. Joe's Jeans are my favorite!! I meant to tell you to look into them. Also, love the beautiful dress :)

  6. Happy Birthday - yay for another June birthday mine is the 24th and Happy Engagement.

  7. Happy belated bday:) That is a great dress - I love the back too!

  8. Happy birthday and engagement anniversary!