Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Primary Day

When all the presidential primary hoopla started many months back, I looked up the date of North Carolina's primary so I would know when it was my time to vote. I remember thinking that it sucked that the primary was so late in the game, but here we are today...campaigns on the line.

Voting day has arrived and now a new wrench is thrown into the mix. Apparently I am a Republican?! Now I will admit that I grew up in a very Republican household (as big business is the field of choice for many family members), but after a couple years on my own and some exposure to more democratic ideas, I would have to say that my views definitely lean more towards the left. Not very far left, but I have a more liberal perspective on certain issues that are important to most 20 somethings. Also, most recently (as a result of grad school and practicum experience) issues relating to the public school systems have helped me to distinguish my party allegiance. I could go on for hours about the flaws in No Child Left Behind (as I'm sure most school employees could), and I think both democratic candidates have the better reform plans for NCLB. Okay, enough about my views....back to the issue at hand, not being able to vote.

I don't remember registering as a Republican when I moved to North Carolina, but I guess I reverted back to the default Republican family view when checking the box. I also wasn't as informed about the voting process, or politics in general, at the time. But, after living with Alson and spending many a nights having deep political discussions, I now consider myself a girl who can hold her own in a political conversation (something that is a must when visiting with Alson's parents...but, more on that some other time). So here I sit today, not voting because I am not able! Booooo!

Next thing to research, the voting rules for DC....

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