Saturday, May 3, 2008

Delivery Day!

Yesterday was full of deliveries! First, my new pair of Salomon TechAmphibian shoes came. These are the best outdoorsy shoes EVER and I am so glad I found them on sale, because they are normally $80. I previously had a pair, but Kona's first night with us, she chewed the strap on one of the heels and they never quite fit the same. I have been wanting to buy a new pair for over a year, but have been putting it off because I knew eventually they would be on sale. Look how cute they are:

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The second package that arrived contained Alson's wedding present. As I said the other day, somewhere on Rare Bird Finds blog I stumbled across Between Me and You Journals and thought "Between Me and You, Honey" would be the perfect wedding gift. The journal contains different questions and prompts throughout the pages, and the person you give it to is supposed to fill it out and eventually give it back.

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Now, I couldn't let his present be something that is actually for me, but I wanted one as well, so I bought two! One for me and one for him. I gave the journals to him last night (and he gave one back to me, haha...I love buying presents for myself too) and we are going to work on them for the next two months and then exchange them on our wedding night. How perfect!

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  1. That is an excellent gift idea! My husband and I wrote each other letters as wedding gifts and gave them to each other after our rehearsal dinner.