Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Feeling It....

Since the move, I have had no real desire to blog. I dunno what it is? I have lots to write about...and lots of pictures documenting the last week, but I just don't feel like it. I have been using Alson's laptop because mine is still packed somewhere, so I can't actually upload pics from my camera onto his computer, so that may be holding me back. Also, there are still a few things around the apartment that we need to take care of (our bedroom, for example, still has a lot of clutter that somehow needs to be stored).

The stress of it all has worn me down (damn you DMV!!), but I do love all the fun and exciting things to do in our neighborhood! And tonight I ate Thai food for the first time; that is an accomplishment :)

Maybe once I feel more at ease with everything I will once again be inspired.


  1. Moving is major stress!
    I'm surprised you even got this one out:)

  2. When I first moved here, I was in a daze for a month! Welcome to the neighborhood :)