Friday, May 16, 2008

Mission: Put Together

So I know I’m 16 days late in joining Mission: Put Together, but I just found RA's blog today.

I saw Janet’s link to an outfit a couple weeks back, but didn’t understand what her "casual day outfit" was all about until I saw something about it again today, and started doing a little investigating. What I found was a really cool way to see what other bloggers are wearing, so I learn how to put together an outfit while getting some feedback from the other picture posters.

What a perfect time to embark on dressing nice, as I will FINALLY be starting my internship in a couple months (okay, so it's still a ways away, but no sense in waiting until the last minute to figure out how to look good for work right?). Also, since I have recently transplanted from the tobacco fields (the town I lived in literally was built in the middle of tobacco land) of Eastern North Carolina...and graduate school for that matter...where it is acceptable to wear sweats, t-shirts, and un-professional clothing on a daily basis, to DC where all the people I see on the streets are so nicely put together, I sense it's time to stop dressing like a 4 year old (at least when I am venturing out into public).

I was planning on getting ready and looking nice anyway....I am going to meet Alson downtown after (his) work so we can do a little shopping and get a drink. Now I can photograph my outfit and share it with the blog world.

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  1. I just started doing MPT this week. I just kept forgetting - but I love it now!