Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fake and Bake....and Splotches

I must admit.....after moving to DC and hitting the 6 week wedding countdown, I decided that I needed to hit up the tanning salon. I haven't been tanning in over two years (I did use to tanbefore any school dance or major life even...more on this well as during the winter because a pasty white body in a skimpy cheerleading uniform did not go over well), but the looming wedding has led me to fake and bake again. I know I know, it's so bad for you and I'm asking for skin cancer....but I think I have a legitimate reason!

First of all, I have super fair skin. Second, I get this really awful nervous hive breakout thing when I drink alcohol, get nervous, embarrassed, anxious, laugh really hard, cry, or have pretty much any other kind of emotional reaction. I get really red. Like really, really red. Sometimes, it kind of looks like hives (but is flat to the touch). Some say it looks "splotchy". The degree of redness and splotchyness is usually directly related to the level of emotion or amount of alcohol. No matter how I describe it, it's unattractive. When I get splotchy, I then get more anxious about the splotches and they get worse. Needless to say, it is a recipe for disaster (and awful pictures) on my wedding day.

There once was an episode of Grey's Anatomy that touched on this topic. If I remember correctly, the girl had to get some kind of surgery ( is Grey's!) and it was very risky and not necessarily going to work. I have done lots of internet research on the topic and even went to a dermatologist, and they basically told me "sorry, there is nothing we can do". I think I read in Modern Bride that there was some kind of drug like an antihistamine could help control the redness, but then you can't drink.

Anyway, over the years I have kind of learned to calm myself down when I feel them coming on. This works most of the time. For my wedding day, however, I am pretty sure my emotions will be difficult to control and my deep breathing and relaxation methods won't work as I would hope. Interestingly, once I reach a level of drunkness, the splotches's like I'm not worrying about them anymore and they go away (I smell psychosis, lol). But, I don't want to be hammered when I walk down the aisle, so that option is out the window too. I have found that tanning and (obviously) making my skin darker makes the redness not as obvious. But, it will still be there! So I will continue to tan until the wedding, but only like once or twice a week (I don't want to actually look like a fake and bake!).

And if anyone else has experienced the splotches or know someone who does, give me tips please!!


  1. I say go for it... you'll want to look your best in those wedding pictures and who doesn't love being tan haha.

  2. Yeah get the tan - its for your special day.

    When I drink I turn bright red - its very embarrassing - you can tell when looking at photos of me when I have been drinking by the bright red face.

  3. i get splotchy right below my neck when I'm nervous! surprisingly enough, it didn't act up during my wedding. As much as your nerves get the best of you, when you're actually walking down the aisle, its a calm cool and collected kind of awesomeness. Besides! Thats why you change pictures to black and white ;) basically if you ever seen a black and white pic on my blogs its because i am rocking the splotchyness. lol

  4. ...needless to say they were a tad worn...and bleach stained. Speaking of that, I don't even use bleach! How does that always seem to happen to my towels!!

    That happens to my towels too! I don't get it at all. It's been almost a year since my bridal shower and some of the towels we received then are started to get stained too! If you find the secret, let me know!

  5. Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog! Yes - Banana Pancakes really are that easy:) (How else could I have them for dinner two nights in a row;)
    So cool that you're moving to DC! I've lived here for 8 years and still love it!!!

  6. I feel ya. I freckle. :( I'm doomed to stay pale.

  7. No advice for the splotches, but just wanted to tell you that I too did the fake and bake before my wedding. Who wants to look washed out in the big white gown, ya know?! :)