Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Incentive to Go Shopping

Since I don't start my job until August, and it is pretty hard to find a short-term job when you can only work for a month, need two weeks off to get married and celebrate that marriage, and then can only work two more weeks before the "real" job begins....I have been spending most of my free time shopping. Both out in the real world and online.

The other day I entered a contest Katie (from Le Petit Chic) was having for a 25% off Coach coupon...and...I won! Yay! Thanks Katie!! After hearing about the news this morning, I have been looking online at some of the bags I like.

I love love love this bag, but it's wayyyy over my budget. Will have to do some calculations....

This one is really cute too, and seems a little more functional. Love the pearly white color too!

Coach store, here I come!

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