Thursday, May 1, 2008

Exposaroonie Weekly Photo Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I just got a new camera (yay Canon Rebel!) and am looking to take up photography as a hobby. I saw that Le Petit Chic had posted photos for a weekly photo challenge, and decided that this was the perfect way to start developing my skills!

To assist in the launch of Exposaroonie, this week's challenge is to take a self-portrait so all the photographers can get acquainted. Since I am usually all dolled up for pictures, I wanted to take a different approach and work with the "fresh faced" look. So here is my submission..... me in all my natural glory:

So excited to have a little direction on what to shoot in the coming weeks :)


  1. You look fabulous! Great shot! And hey, I shoot with the Canon Rebel XTi :)

  2. Oh nice one. Looks like a good camera you got yourself there. I may just have to go join in with this photo challenge business too.

  3. That's a really good photo - so pretty!

    I love Canon - I have the powershot!

  4. I think you look pretty fabulous in your all natural glory!