Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Exposaroonie Weekly Photo Challenge

Clearly I am bored today. I am without a car (as we sold Alson's yesterday and he has taken "ours" to work today) and I don't feel like packing, the only other thing on my to-do list. Hence three posts (so far) in one day.....

This week's challenge at Exposaroonie is to take a photo of a bad habit. Although I have many bad habits to choose from, I settled on letting Kona sleep in our bed. I know that lots of people say this is a no-no, but she's just so cute and snuggly! And she doesn't shed. Okay, enough rationalizing....here is my submission:

And some other shots:

Straddling our freshly washed and folded laundry

Sleeping the day away

Thanks to my models :)


  1. Nice sheets and cute doggie!

  2. We haven't caved on the sleeping in bed thing - but it is tough. She sleeps so much better cuddled with us!

    Staying strong though, staying strong!