Sunday, May 18, 2008

Adventures in Moving: Part One

I have unpacked my laptop, uploaded pictures from both cameras onto my computer, and can finally share the first part of our journey!

When we initially signed up for a U-haul, we ordered a 17 foot truck...the size recommended for a one bedroom apartment. Instead they gave us a 26 foot one: While we were packing, we let Kona out without her leash because we figured it was the last time she would be able to roam around freely (well unless we venture out to VA to visit a dog park). And honestly, it was a pain shutting and opening the door every time we brought something out to the truck. She was such a good girl, staying around the vicinity of our apartment, and even guarded the truck while we were running inside and out.
And another view (from our porch) once the truck started filling up:I was quite scared that we wouldn't make it due to the U-haul's monstrosity and the tininess of our one-way street in DC. Obviously, we made it...but not without a stop on the side of I-95 to fix a flying belt that detached from the cab at some point during the trip, and a rise in both our blood pressures once we actually arrived in the city not knowing (a) how to drive in this city in general (b) how to drive a monster truck through the packed streets {poor Alson} and (c) how to navigate and communicate to each other since I was driving separately in my car. But, that part is over....and we have vowed to stay in our new place for as long as humanly possible. I think I even said I would forgo having children just so we wouldn't have to move out of our tiny one bedroom, haha.

Here are the shots I took before we started unloading all our stuff:

Our bedroom...I wasn't sure about the color when we looked at the apartment, but I think we can make it work!

Our living room and dining nook...yay for the fireplace and built-ins! And our kitchen and breakfast bar...and the hallway to the bathroom and bedroom.

We are STILL trying to get everything all neat and tidy....and once we do I will post some of the finished product!


  1. I LOVE the living room/kitchen and am totally jealous of the built-n bookshelves...I totally need them!

  2. Your place looks amazing! How many square feet are you working with - it looks huge! We have 705 - but we don't have much storage. The built-ins are so cute - and functional.

    P.S. The 20% off discount doesn't go into effect until Wednesday - and is only good that day. I'm so excited to try my gloss/whitener! I think mine should be arriving today.