Friday, May 2, 2008

Another Move

I hate packing. Since that is what I am supposed to be doing right now, what better way to procrastinate than complain about it. I am moving for what seems like the hundredth time in the last 6 years. To illustrate my point I have compiled a list of all the places I have lived since I graduated high school:

1. I first lived in a dorm at the school I attended in Philadelphia for the fall semester of my freshman year (but my car was stolen and I couldn't deal)...

2. So I transfered schools and lived in a dorm at Binghamton University (my alma mater) in Vestal, NY for spring semester of freshman year.

3. All NY Staters at one time aspire to live in NYC, so I spent the summer taking classes at NYU and lived in a dorm in Greenwich Village.

4. I lost in the housing lottery at BU (I didn't really like dorm life anyway) so I moved to an apartment in Johnson City, NY my sophomore year.

5. I then spent the summer living in my grandparent's condo in Pinehurst, NC where my best friend from college and I worked as beverage cart girls at a golf course.....

6. Then moved back to my apartment in Johnson City for my junior year of college.

7. Spent the summer working at the Autism Society of North Carolina (ASNC) summer camp....

8. Then moved into an apartment in Vestal, NY where I lived my senior year of college.

9. Spent another summer working at the ASNC summer camp....

10. Then started graduate school and moved into my first apartment in Greenville (where I lived before Alson moved to NC).

11. Now here we are, living in our current apartment in Greenville.

12. And a week from today we will be moving into our new apartment in DC.

I obviously haven't settled anywhere for longer than a year, although our current apartment has definitely felt like a "home". I hope that we really like our new apartment and the area we are moving to, just so we can avoid a move while Alson is in law school.

Grrr, packing and moving makes me grumpy! (But, it was nice to reminisce about all the fun places I have lived, cool things I have done, and memories I have made....even if packing up all my crap and moving to the next place seemed so daunting at the time...and right now) Once we are unpacked in our new place, I will hopefully be happy and back to my normal self!


  1. Good luck with the move -- ugh, it's never fun! What area are you moving to in DC?

  2. moving = totally not fun. i've moved about that many times. Now boyfriend and i are thinking about moving down to alexandria this summer to get out of dc. we'll see though...Where in DC are y'all moving too?