Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Morning to Myself

Today was the first day in a lonnnng time that I woke up not feeling stressed. Although I still have some pressing things in the woodworks, I didn't worry about them...instead I just let myself be happy and took a morning for myself.

To start, I made my first pot of coffee. Although I do drink frou frou drinks from Starbucks, I have never really had coffee from the pot at home. Since we are moving to a much more expensive world next weekend, I figured it was about time that I started making simple coffee at home, because we surely won't be able to afford $4 lattes every day. We bought some caramel flavored beans last night and although it wasn't as sweet as I like, it was okay and I think I can get used to it. Whatever the taste, it was just nice to sit and relax and sip some coffee with snuggle puppy by my side. I was so relaxed and at ease that I didn't even turn on the TV! I also baked some muffins....domestic diva in training :)

I then tried my hardest to not shop online, but ultimately I caved. I only bought Alson's wedding present, so it wasn't unnecessary shopping and I exhibited a little bit of self control! I know he reads my blog so I can't go into detail about what I bought just yet, but I will thank the ladies from Rare Bird Finds for blogging about a super cool gift that will be really special and fun for both of us! More on the gift after it arrives :)

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