Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puppy Playtime

One of the few things we are going to miss when we move from Greenville to DC is the dog park. The one here opened up a little over a year ago, a couple months after we adopted Kona. Perfect timing! Because we live in an apartment and she is couped up most of the day, we try to take her running with us at night and to the dog park on the weekends. It was such a beautiful day yesterday and I wasn't bogged down with school work so we made a special trip. Here are some pictures I took with the new camera Alson bought me:

Running like the wind!

A new friend says hello during a break

Scoping out the scene

I have joined two dog listservs that discuss issues in the DC area, and it seems as though people are trying to establish some off leash dog parks in DC, but that they do not yet exist. I am pretty sure there are some in Alexandria though, so I guess we will have to make some trips to the 'burbs to get the needed exercise!


  1. Oooh, that's fabulous that you're moving up here to my neck of the woods! It's funny, my husband and I are actually thinking about moving to one of the Carolina's in a year or so.
    Love the first pic...your pup looks so joyful!
    Oh, and there is definitely an off-leash dog park near where I live in McLean (about 20 minutes from Alexandria).

  2. omg! your pup is so cute! there are definitely lots of dog parks in arlington and alexandria...we took our dog out to one in alexandria. we live on the hill where the only park is really Congressional Cemetery which you have to be a member of but our dogwalker takes her 2-3 times/week :) Perhaps we can set up a play date!! I <3 me some puppy playdates!