Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank You Cards

A week before my bridal tea, my mom found these thank you cards at Wegmans:

When we first ordered the invitations I wanted to get the matching thank you cards, but my mom put her foot down. She said they didn't need to match and we could just get some simple ones that weren't like $100 dollars for 50. I was kind of mad at the time.....

These were only $6 for 20 cards. And can you believe how well they match the invitations and ceremony programs?!

Oh Mom, why do you always have to be right? :)


  1. those are really cute! and i don't know what a wegmans is but i always find hidden gems like this at marshall's and such. i agree with your mom, and i guess you do too.

    i'm so impressed with all of your scheduled posts to cover this time while you're away. go you! hope the wedding was everything you wanted!

  2. I love love Wegmans!! I've only been in one a few times - but it was a really great experience.