Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bridesmaid Dresses

I, perhaps, was the most indecisive bride when it came to choosing bridesmaid dresses. I had picked out multiple dresses in many different colors, always changing my mind at the last minute, luckily before anyone ordered anything. I didn't really want pink dresses (okay Alson didn't really want the wedding to be monopolized by the color pink, and I agreed), the orange dresses I found were a little too "construction cone" for my liking, and there just weren't very many pretty bright/light green dresses.

I had secretly been holding out for the new JCrew styles and colors (which FINALLY debuted in January...sorry to the wedding consultant I called and emailed multiple times a week), and when I did get my eyes on them I knew we had winners. I ultimately decided on silk chiffon dresses in aloe green, and let the girls choose which dress they would like to wear.

Three of the girls chose to wear this style:

Three chose to wear this style:

And one chose to wear this dress:

These green dresses with the bright pink and orange flowers? Gorgeous!


  1. o.O those are super cute!!!

    i'm trying to decide if i want my bridesmaids to wear pink or green. Probably green but who knows.

    I love the JCrew Styles - but not sure how they'd look on my girls.

    Hope you're enjoying St.Lucia! :)

  2. Congrats on everything! I just got back from vacation and was catching up reading all your wedding posts... and i LOVE these green dresses. I've always said my bridesmaids will wear green... these are awesome!