Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wedding Party Gifts

My gift to my bridesmaids was an embroidered bag, with a matching make-up case. I couldn't leave my flower girl out, so she got an embroidered mini-bag (and yes, those are her actual initials):

I know the blue is not one of our wedding colors, but the pink and green bags I found were very pastel-y, and obviously wouldn't match our bright color scheme. Honestly, I thought the pink and green looked too much like a diaper bag....not the idea I was going for! So, I opted for the bright blue instead.

Alson chose to give his groomsmen embroidered beer mugs:

And our ring bearer got a bat with his name engraved on it:

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I hope everyone loves their gifts!

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  1. It has been so fun to read these wedding posts because it made me realize how much we have in common! I did similar embroidered bags for my girls and rather than beer mugs, Jon gave out sake sets. So fun! Can't wait to see all of your photos.