Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm No Fashion Expert, But.....

I am not sure if it is summer, the vacations, being away from home, or what....but I have been at a loss for blog topics lately. Like I said when I returned from our honeymoon, I don't want to ONLY post about the wedding and all related topics, and since that has continued to be a prominent part of life....I just haven't had any creative bursts.

Today on our drive back to DC I made a list of potential blog topics (because our week back in NY was full of fun adventures), but for now I must comment (very briefly) on Project Runway because I am really annoyed with two of the three eliminations.

Don't read ahead if you don't want to know who has been eliminated thus far....

Episode 1.... I think that Stella's garbage bag outfit was not even deserving of the runway show (um hello, she barely did anything), and although Jerry's outfit was definitely creepy, at least he created something! When he first was talking about making a raincoat out of a shower curtain I thought that was really clever. So perhaps I was routing for him.... Yes, he did not execute the design as well as he could have, but still....way better than the garbage bags. My bottom line: Stella should have been aufed.

As for episode 2....Wesley's dress did suck; sorry about your model's choice and amount of fabric. Oh, and I can't believe Stella's dress was in the top three. End discussion.

On to episode 3....First off, does anyone else have trouble distinguishing between two of the girls? The one who almost won, and the one who almost lost. Yeah me too. It makes me want to do something with my hair because, God forbid I be mistaken for some other mousy brown haired girl. Yes, I am aware of my mousy brown hair color, as I was reminded by my hair stylist the day before my wedding....but, more about her another day.

Back to episode 3....While watching the show I was very verbal about how much I hated Jennifer's dress, which makes me sad because she is from my neck of the woods (upstate NY) and she designs as a "surrealist" (one of my fav artists is Dali). But sadly, her dress was just terrible. While Emily's dress had its flaws as well, I think it was at least "savable". And again, I can't believe Stella wasn't in the bottom three....granted I don't have a shred of punk in me, but am I missing something here? I also DID NOT LOVE Kelli's or Korto's designs; neither seemed inspired from their pictures and they were both extremes...Kelli's too busy and Korto's too boring (I did, however, appreciate a non-dress...a la Michael Kors's comment). My bottom line: Boo on tonight's episode.

As a result of the disagreements between myself and the judges, I want to boycott the show....but let's be honest, when Wednesday rolls around next week, I will be glued to the television again.....routing for Daniel, because I secretly love him.


  1. Ugh.. Stella is gross..

    I'm not anti punk.. I just think that all of her designs suck so far.

  2. I do hate you. But I won't once I get back to fitting into my size 2-4 :) I'm with you on the whole no blog topics lately. I haven't had a whole lot of time and the blogs been suffering a little. Maybe it'll pick back up again soon. I think it's a summer thing.