Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Rehearsal Dress

Since we are having the 4th of July/Welcome Party for the guests tomorrow (more on that in the next post) we chose to have our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight.

When looking for a dress for the rehearsal I initially thought I should wear something white, but ultimately decided that I will be wearing a lot of white on Saturday, so why not let my personality shine through tonight. As such, I CAN'T WAIT to wear this French Connection dress (not in that color though) that I bought back in February while at a conference in New Orleans:

Of course, the website did not have the dress in the color I bought, which is this:
It has been hanging in my closet for almost 5 months taunting me. I have wanted to wear it so many times, but I actually held out! Phew, that takes self control.

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  1. so pretty! Can't wait to see pictures of everything :)