Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tales of a School Psych(o)

Remember when I took the Praxis II quite hungover a month ago? Well I can finally stop worrying about having to retake the exam.....because......dun dun dun....I passed! With flying colors of course. I guess that is a good testament to my program, as I relied mostly on the knowledge I gained from the two years of classes and my year of practicum instead of studying. Now, I must say that the exam and the stuff I learned in school were similar. But (and this is a big but), the thing that annoys me about all the classes I took and the exam in general is that the scenarios are all too perfect and require best practice actions....but that is NOT what happened in my real life practice. So annoying. And after emailing with Ashley (a fellow school psychologist who found my blog) and hearing about her experiences thus far, she seems to think the same thing. So I hope that all the effort I have put into the last two years pays off in some other way than just helping me pass this exam. Rant ended.

Next up....I have to defend my thesis, which is what I will be doing Tuesday morning. Then I will be one step closer to being finished with grad school. In reality though, I still have my internship and have to make a portfolio showcasing all the things I have learned and can do. These will both take the entire school year to graduation still seems far fact it is scheduled for May 8th. Which I see is a Friday. That is pretty annoying. Oh well, I will deal with that when it arrives.

Until then, I must start preparing for my defense so that I rock!

P.S. Sorry for being crabby, I have bad cramps and have a pounding headache....which apparently translates into less than happy blog posts, despite initially planning to be excited about passing my exam!


  1. hopefully you will have better luck than I have had.

    At this point, I'm Ms. Fly by the Seat of my Pants.

    But I gotta tell you.. being a real school psych is one million times better than what you learn in any text book and/or what you studied for the praxis. I was so over school psych by the time I finished grad school. I've got my mojo back now.

  2. Congratulations Jackie! Oh that's just so exciting, and such a good story besides :)