Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Work = Tired

I am definitely not used to working yet.

I get up at 6am (okay, today I got up at 7am and let my hair hang curly so I could sleep the extra hour), drive to work (it is so glorious driving the opposite way of traffic), work (I am still orienting and school doesn't start for kids until Monday so it's pretty uneventful), drive home from work, take Kona out, decompress (i.e. sit on the couch), make dinner/get take out, think about how tired I am while watching TV/reading/playing on the internet, go to bed anywhere between 8:30pm and 10pm, and repeat.

I feel like a zombie! I am so tired all the time and I am not even really doing anything at work. I sit around in the office and read books/manuals/articles to "refresh" my memory on how to do my job. actuality it is some of the older school psychologists (i.e. trained on completely different models/theories/systems) that I think should do some reading. I feel like such an ageist lately, but if you saw the way some of them were acting at our staff meeting yesterday, you would be annoyed with them too. Maybe someday when I'm not so tired I will report on their unacceptable behavior.

I could attribute my tiredness to getting up early, but I go to bed early as well so I feel like I am getting enough sleep. I guess it is just the change in routine. Boo!! I can't wait to settle into the routine and be able to function like a normal human being.

I guess my tiredness means I won't be posting about anything meaningful tonight.

I do have a few things to look forward to...My BFF is coming to visit tomorrow night AND I don't have to work on Friday. Thank goodness it is only a four day week! I love superintendent's days!!


  1. starting a new job is always exhausting! I hope it gets better...but I totally know what you mean about the whole get home, zone out, go to bed, and then do it all over again feeling! :)

  2. Honestly no matter how many hours of sleep I get, if I get up before 8ish I'm always tired. I really have to sleep in until eight to let my body wake up for the day. If not, it takes me hours.

  3. There's definitely a transition period so don't be so hard on yourself! Once you get into the routine, it'll be much easier.

  4. Gaaaah! I totally understand how you feel! I just started a new job and I have to be there at 6:30 am. I feel like I'm lucky if I can locate my keys before I leave the house, let alone do my hair....And to be honest, I don't know if I'll ever get used to waking up at 5:15. Have fun with the BFF!