Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bargain Buys

After reading Katie's post about finding a Halloween themed Yankee Candle at Marshall's last week, I decided to stop into the store when we were shopping at DC USA this weekend because I wanted a Halloween candle too. Boy did we get more than we bargained a good way!

I was able to find Cider Web for $8:

We also bought some Kona coffee (yes, our dog is named after a place where coffee is grown) , a pair of Converse for Alson, and a pair of super cute Michael Kors sunglasses for me.

But, the highlight of the trip was finding a Vera Wang (not Simply Vera) bra that was originally priced at $65. I saw it and could not believe it was my size, nor that it was only $14. I had to snatch it up. BEST BARGAIN EVER!


  1. i am obsessed with Marshalls & TJ Maxx! i feel like i find super deals just like that all the time! i really lose alot of my income there

  2. Girl, I definitely plan on coming back to DC as soon as I can. There's still plenty I didn't have time to do. And we'd of course have to get together!

  3. Ooh, they didn't have that scent at my Marshalls! Hooray for great deals :)