Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Cottage - Day Two

I can't believe how many pictures I took at the cottage! Here is a synopsis of the rest of the weekend...

More fishing:

Alson and I went kayacking before the motor boats hit the lake:

I finally got to meet Carmel! How cute is she?? :

After seeing all the fish that were being caught, I was afraid to get off my tube...of course that meant everyone tried to push me in:

My dad wanted his clean up to be documented (gross). It was a joy to find this picture on my camera the next day:

Carmel stole Kona's toys:

The dogs chased each other:

We played games:

Grant was so excited to get Yahtzee:

The guys went out for a little more fishing before dinner:

And my dad caught a monster....according to Grant "It's a shark!":

After posing for a picture, they threw it back....No more swimming for me:

Such a fun weekend...thanks to everyone that helped make it special!

And for good measure, another picture of Kona, who may or may not have felt neglected because Carmel got all the attention.


  1. Just read your DMB comment and was so excited you're such a fan! I totally would do crazy stuff to see DMB. And isn't Watchtower just the best? This is the first time I saw him and he DIDN'T play it... totally awesome.

  2. Wow - Carmel looks like a teddy bear:) A really really tiny one!

  3. Wow that dog is soo cute! What kind is it?

  4. yay for cottages! love the pics :)