Monday, August 4, 2008

The Cottage - Day One

I have many fond memories of trips to my grandparent's cottage as a kid. It is maybe 30 minutes from our house, so we were always able to go for a week, weekend, or just the day if we wanted. While it is not exactly roughing it....there is electric, running water, and still forced us to get outside and play and swim, or stay inside and play cards or other games because there is no tv, internet, etc. It is my mom's parents that own the cottage, and she comes from a family of 6, so needless to say, there was, and still usually are, a plethora of grandchildren at the cottage at any given time. My aunt and uncle also bought a cottage next door, so now there is even more room for everyone to congregate there during the summers.

Since I spent my summers living in NYC and NC during college and then moved to NC after graduating from college, Alson had never been! So we planned a trip to the cottage for a weekend, and we both really had a great time. Two of my cousins, my aunt and uncle, and their new puppy(!) were there for the whole weekend, and another one of my cousins, her friend, and my aunt came out both nights. My mom stayed with us at the cottage, but my dad was on call that week so he could only come out randomly throughout the weekend. Oh, and obviously my grandparents were there! It was great to have a bunch of people to hang out with. Here are some of the things we picture form of course.

Alson and my cousins swimming:

Airborne! :

We tried jumping on a trampoline, but it wasn't quite blown up enough...or perhaps my weight made it lopsided (sad face):

So we decided to use it as a launching pad:

I got some distance this time! And Grant took a nose dive, poor thing:

They went fishing:

Kona got to ride on the boat:

Grant got to drive it:

Hanging out on the boat:

My dad was so excited to catch a fish:

I didn't realize how many pictures I I guess I will have to continue posting another time!

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