Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thank You Notes

Two of my friends bought us these beautiful Boatman Geller correspondence cards to use for our thank you notes:

Last night we finally finished all of our thank you notes. Boy, does it feel great!

Alson was a really great sport and pitched in with about half of the notes. My hand would have fallen off I tried to write them all myself. We wanted to finish them before we both start working/school next week...I can't believe we actually sat ourselves down and did it!

Plus, my friends splurged and bought way more cards than were needed for the thank you notes, so I have extras to use for whatever I would like!

Now, if I could only get my wedding pictures...I can't stand waiting!!


  1. Those are beautiful! I over-ordered my thank you notes too because I thought they would be fun to use even after the wedding.
    Oh, and I'm impressed that Alson helped write them! I wrote all of the thank you's, but I made Jon do all of the envelopes.