Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How I Met My Honey

While exploring blogs today I came across Ramblings by Reba and discovered a blog carnival called How I Met My Honey. Since I am constantly writing about our wedding it only seems fitting that I post on this topic! So here is our story....

Back in 2006 I was a senior in college and was living the life by going out pretty much every night of the week. It was a Wednesday night (Mug Night at Uncle Tony's) and it was common for a couple girls from cheer team to make an appearance downtown. However, we had gone out pretty hard the night before and I was still not feeling well, so I was peer pressured into being the DD. I ended up getting ready and going out for the whole night anyway, but stayed sober as promised.

When we arrived at Uncle Tony's it was already packed and there was nowhere to sit. The place is a super narrow sardine can and if you don't want to get pushed around all night, a table is a must have. After pushing our way through the crowd one of my friends started chatting up a group of boys (aka the hockey team) that had a table. Turns out she lived on the same floor as a bunch of them freshman year and they were happy to share the table with a cute group of girls. So we sat down (I think there were only four of us out together that night) and started playing cards. I was the odd girl out because I wasn't drinking and this one guy (Alson) kept trying to get me in on the game. I politely refused and said I was driving, but he continued to try and buy me a drink. I kept poking fun at him because he refused to go up to the bar to get beer and would sit and wait for a waitress to come, which was forever. Eventually he stopped asking and we went our separate ways. A couple hours later, I was sitting at a table laughing at all my friends as they were singing and dancing along with Garth Brooks to "Friends in Low Places". The crowd suddenly all leaned back for a high note (I'm sure you can picture this) and in the middle of the group, about 20 feet away was Alson. He was just standing there with one hand holding a mug full of beer, the other in his pocket, staring straight ahead at me. We smiled at each other, then the group came back together and our views were blocked again. It was kind of awkward, but super flattering because in the midst of crazy singing antics, it was like all he could focus on was me. Then I drove my friends home.

We didn't see each other for another two weeks. One Saturday night, another friend from cheer team asked me to go to a hockey party with her. I didn't really think about him at the time, but I am pretty sure I subconsciously knew he would be there. So we show up, and low and behold there he is. I always carried a deck of cards with me in my purse, and I knew that starting a game would be an easy way to gather a crowd. So after getting a cup of beer, I began an impromptu card game in the living room. A group slowly gathered around my friend and I, including Alson. Ballsy move #1: After the first game was finished I decided to strike up a conversation (I never went after a boy! I always had them come after me). He asked me my name and I reminded him we had previously met at Mug Night a couple weeks back; I was the girl that was busting him for not getting his own beer. He said he didn't remember, but that he was glad we met again. Two jello shots later we were bonding over hometowns (his being the same one where my dad grew up) and names (his last name being the same as my cousin's first name). It was then when my friend informed me that we were leaving the party to head downtown. Ballsy move #2: I actually asked him to meet up with me at Uncle Tony's, as that's where we were headed. We said goodbye and planned on meeting up later....but come 2am, he never showed up.

The next day I was pretty angry. I didn't usually go out of my way to talk with and hang out with a guy, and I felt stood up. So I did what any college girl would do. Ballsy move #3: I searched for him on facebook and requested his friendship. I also sent him a message, letting him know how I felt in my own sarcastic way. And guess what, I still have the facebook conversation:

Jackie: jerk i looked for you at tonys and you werent there....we're not friends anymore
Alson: what? i got stuck at sportsbar with my friend and he wouldn't leave...i couldn't bail on him...but if you go to mug night wednesday i'll be there
Jackie: a) it was a joke b) i'll be at mug night only if you promise to get your own beer at least once c) jello shots = death
Alson: fine i guess i'll get my own beer at least once...any more then that i can't promise
Jackie: that's all i ask p.s. next time i want to talk to you i am IM-ing you because this facebook message thing is kind of creepy.....
Alson: thank god because i really agree
Jackie: which is not to entail that i think you're creepy...i worded the last message weird

As promised, we started conversing on AIM, and we agreed to meet up that Wednesday at Mug Night. But, when Wednesday night rolled around, NOT ONE of my friends was planning on going out. I literally tried to convince everyone I knew, but there were lots of tests the next day and no one would go (good to know we all we're studious when we needed to be!). Ballsy move #4: I went downtown by myself. So I showed up to Mug Night and its me and 10 guys from the hockey team. Sounds scary, but it ended up being really fun and I am pretty sure the guys (including Alson) respected me for being able hold my own in a group that crazy.

We spent the next 2 months hanging out every day/night, putting our relationship on the fast track. Remember, it was my senior year of college, and I was about to move from NY to NC for grad school, so it was a do or die situation. In the end it was a do situation, and we were engaged that June (on my birthday). Alson graduated that Decemeber, moved to North Carolina, and now we will be married in two months! Can you believe it? I am so glad I took the intuitive at the beginning; all those ballsy moves paid off. It was definitely out of the ordinary for me, but it seemed natural at the time and I knew that he was worth the effort....meant to be, if you will.

What a romantic story :)


  1. I love reading all of these stories! Thanks for sharing yours. :)

  2. wow i didn't realize it had been that long. looking forward to reading yours!

  3. awwwww :) thats such a cute story!

  4. That IS a romantic story. Thanks for sharing it. ENJOY your wedding in a couple of months...

    And feel free to stop back by at "my place" sometime.

    Rebecca (www.ramblingsbyreba.com)