Friday, October 31, 2008

A Natural Antidepressant

I haven't really talked about it on my blog, but I spent most of September in kind of a funk, particularly during the week, as my somberness was definitely related to work. I was having a hard time transitioning into a new district, especially a much larger, more urban district, with a generally "tougher" population of students. It was really hard to hear the terrible stories and backgrounds of the students I was working with, on top of all the difficulties I was having as a new, young person in the schools. Bottom line.....The policies, procedures, and casework were all very different, and I was not feeling comfortable and confident in my new job.

This past month I participated in Mission: Put Together, a challenge to be creative and thoughtful in my dressing each morning, as well as a way to chronicle my outfits. I decided to take part in the challenge because I thought it would give me something exciting to do on the weekdays. I generally enjoy getting all gussied up, but most days (during my funk) resorted to khakis and cable sweaters because I felt uninspired and dreaded going to work each day. Although I still love a classic khaki and cable sweater ensemble, wearing it daily was a little boring.

Following my first day of participation in M:PT, I immediately perked up and was excited to head to work in my spiffy little outfit each day. The comments and inspiration provided by the other M:PT members really helped to boost my spirits. Although I am sure getting used to my job and finally feeling as though I could handle the stress associated with working in my district were also at play, I think M:PT provided the kick in the butt I needed to feel like myself again. So thank you M:PT (including OPH and RA), the challenge and everyone's amazing comments helped improve my overall mood!

You can view my M:PT outfits here. Yes, I did wear a lot of jumpers ;)


  1. Hooray, so glad you had fun! It's nice to get feedback on clothing, especially since husbands seem to be unhelpful (mine does, anyway). Your jumpers are so so cute.

  2. All of your outfits were so so cute and put together. I enjoyed seeing your smiling face and pretty blue eyes everyday, and seeing what you were wearing for the day. I'm glad that getting gussied up (and getting comments) helped you feel a little better in October. I hope it continues for you going into the Winter months. I know I'm going to keep documenting my outfits just for myself; it helps me to take more time and care in what I wear. Anyways, I'm glad I made your acquaintance through M:PT.

  3. cute!!! all of them! I'm so bad with putting pictures online - i would have loved to participate in M:PT but...just no. :( perhaps next time!

  4. Oh my goodness...this was so fun to look at! Is this a national thing or just DC?