Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Did It!

I did it! I completed the Marine Corps Marathon 10k! And my husband did too!

ALSON XXXX (10K) | Bib #XXXX | DC - USA | Age 24 | M
START: 8:26:04 AM
Finish: 01:15:06
TIME Net: 01:15:06 Chip Time: 01:14:07 Pace: 12:05

JACKIE XXXX (10K) | Bib #XXXX | DC - USA | Age 23 | F
START: 8:26:03 AM
Finish: 01:15:10
TIME Net: 01:15:10 Chip Time: 01:14:11 Pace: 12:05

The best part...we ran the ENTIRE time. I was really afraid that I would have to walk after a while, especially since I have bronchitis and we didn't train hardcore the last 3 weeks, but we pushed through and didn't stop until the end. I started coughing pretty bad around mile 4, but a little water and my husband's sleeve for my runny nose (true love, I know) helped keep me going.

Our time wasn't bad, especially since I was convinced it would take us an hour and a half to two hours. Alson is a good sport too. He is almost a foot taller than me and has a ginormous stride, so he could have finished a lot faster, but chose to run with me instead. I really appreciate that! Next time I hope to be a little faster, but I am okay with baby steps for the next few months.

I almost tossed my cookies (actually, a banana) at the end of the race. There is a really steep hill right at the finish line and it almost did me in, but nothing came up so I was okay (sorry, TMI). It was still a little embarrassing though, so I hope to not experience that next time!

Anyway, I am so proud that we completed a race. I have been wanting to run something, anything, for almost 2 years. Now I can cross that off my list!

Next up...Jingle All the Way 10k on Dec. 14th. Any other DC runners planning to run this race? I know Heidi is planning to run. It should be fun!


  1. yay!!! thats so awesome!

    I got bronchitis after marine corps marathon last year - so i couldn't imagine running WITH it. Go you!

    I need to start running again, i started going to the gym again this past week, i took 1-2 weeks off after Hartford but this week i need to start running again. Especially if i want to run that 5k on thanksgiving. :)

  2. oooooh, congrats! I'd admire people who have this much dedication to runnung...I'd last about four blocks :)

  3. Congratulations - that's pretty awesome. I love how you guys ran it together and kept the same pace!

  4. aww, what a great husband.

    most people i know who run marathons as a way of life do have their breakfast come up... they way they talk about it it seems like a badge of honor. just remember that in case it ever happens again : )

    and Congratulations on the accomplishment!

  5. I was TOTALLY thinking of you guys on Sunday, wondering how you did!!! That's a really good time, especially for your *first* 10km. So.... are you hooked or what? :) I'm glad you decided to do another one in December, yah!

  6. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with google reader at all, and no one else had complaints or comments about adding me. Sorry, I can't help you out!

  7. You go, girl! Running a 10k when you've been sick and feeling like crap, and not even stopping to walk? You seriously rock. :)

  8. Congrats! I'm up for doing Jingle All the Way on Dec 14. That would be a good starting point for half-marathon training. I've actually never run a race other than a half-marathon, sad huh.

  9. Yay! How exciting! Congrats - I'm so glad you had a good experience!