Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mac for Me!

My college laptop kicked the can right after we moved to DC. It actually started having issues a while ago (slow, slow, slow), and it was basically worthless after Kona chewed through my battery cord. I still desperately needed it (grad school/thesis glued me to my computer all night, every night) and we couldn't afford to buy a new one, so I had to order a replacement battery and cord from some random website. It wasn't the exact same one, so if the cord wasn't plugged into the computer just right it would randomly turn off. It also never charged the battery, so it had to be plugged in in order for the laptop to be used.

Alson had to buy a new laptop for law school, so he "gave" me his trusty Dell from college earlier this summer. I'm not sure what has happened to the Dell, but it now gets the "Blue Screen of Death". BSOD is a screen that randomly comes up telling us a major error has occured and a physical dump of memory has taken place. We tried following the Microsoft suggestions for repair, but BSOD continued to happen over and over. Finally I had had it! I have been out of college for almost 2.5 years, and I refused to use laptops that were manufactured in 2002. Of course, I can always use Alson's new laptop when he is not doing work and/or studying, but I really need my own to do work and hobbie things, and most importantly, finish up my portfolio and the final draft of my thesis so I can finally be done with grad school and have said thesis bound and placed in the library.
Anyway, this past Friday Alson was on fall break following and I was off for a Superintendent's day. We were discussing BSOD since it had happened twice that morning, and how we really needed to chuck this laptop (not really, but at least stop using it). I started looking for reasonable laptops; our neighbor recently bought one of those "child-sized" ones (9 inch screen) for only $400. We could easily afford that! I wanted to be thrifty and get one of these computers (either a Lenovo or Dell), but what I REALLY wanted and (I thought) I was too cheap to actually buy....was a Macbook.

After many calculations and a mental pro/con list, we finally caved (!) and a Macbook should be delivered tomorrow! I CAN'T WAIT!!!


  1. Congrats on your purchase! It sounds like it is well deserved and long overdue!!!!

  2. I love my Macbook so much, you will be SO HAPPY!

  3. Ooohh. I wanted a MAC when I graduated, but I actually received my windows laptop as a graduation gift from my parents. Couldn't complain there. It's two years old now, and I'm afraid some parts of it are dying and I may need to replace it soon - time to back up all the photos and stuff I suppose..

    I'm jealous of your mac :)

  4. You'll have to let me know how it goes. I really need to get a new laptop sometime in the near future.

  5. Yay yay yay! You will LOVE it. There are no BSOD's in Mac world.

  6. It's such an excting feeling. I hate that darn BSOD - PCs are such problem childs!

    I figure spending a little more money on a reliable machine is cost effective in the long run:)