Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If I Was Rich...

Back in July, my mom and brother were in DC to drop off Kona after our honeymoon. Before they headed back to NY, we ventured down Connecticut Ave. so that we could all do a little back to school shopping. We live about 5 or 6 blocks from a Brooks Brothers, but have only gone in once JUST to look around. We certainly can't afford their clothes on my intern salary, and since Alson is in law school, I get to be the sole breadwinner.

Of course, my brother wanted to go we followed. Alson ended up finding a sweater on sale for $40. Not bad, considering it was originially over $100. When he paid for the sweater, he must have given the salesperson our home address because now we receive their catalogs in the mail. Today the Winter issue arrived, and I literally drooled all over the pages as I flipped through.

I. want. everything.

Men's, Women's, Children's.

I want it all!

Alson would die of sheer joy if a package arrived with their entire winter collection. Our future children (I guess they would all be boys because they don't have girls clothing) would look so adorable in their little sweaters and corduroys. Plus, I would just be the classiest women in town; all prim and proper! Granted, I would probably mix and match their clothing with some more modern pieces to make it my own look (because let's be honest, if I walked into my schools looking like the models in the catalog, I would get torn to shreds by the students...and probably the teachers too), but their preppy staples are so timeless and classic.

Maybe someday!

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  1. Someday is coming... three years from now. It's gonna happen.