Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moving: The Numbers

-Broken toe (AJ, not me)
-Near death experience for Kona
-Meal cooked at home (tonight)
-Meltdown (me, following Kona's near death experience)

-Trips to Home Depot
-Visits from Comcast (plus one more in the works)
-Pieces of new furniture that have been assembled

-Days left to finish unpacking and organizing before my Gap party.
-Additional pieces of new furniture that still need to be assembled


- Times we were able to park directly in front of our new house when moving stuff (WOO HOO!)

-Neighbors met thus far

-Days since the first boxes were moved


-Trips between the old and new place before everything was moved

-Subsequent make-ups
-Boxes unpacked
-Boxes left to unpack
-Babies in our new neighborhood


  1. Well those numbers sound not too bad. Well besides the broken toe and near death...

  2. you might need to go buy a bunch of bottled water... unless you wouldn't mind another addition to the family :)

  3. hope Kona is okay!

    welcome to the neighborhood :)

  4. Yeah!! Welcome to the neighborhood!! xo

  5. Congrats, you're in! What happened to Kona? (reminds me of the last time we moved....we left a door slightly open, and Daisy (our lab) went on a running tour though the neighborhood, across streets, etc. Totally scared me to death! Never happened again though!!) Enjoy your new digs :)

  6. I can't believe you scheduled your party for just a few days after your move! How stressful! And believe me, we won't judge if there are still a few unpacked boxes sitting around when we get there. :)

  7. I'm so glad you guys made it in okay...I hope Kona is okay. I can't wait to see you this week, it's been too long. Let me know if there's anything I can do or bring.

  8. That's moving for you!

    Hope everything goes well this week and you get moved in, in time for your party!
    So sad I can't make it!

  9. i laughed about the fighting during moving. moving is one of the most stressful things ever! glad you're all moved in :)

  10. Great post...moving is so stressful, but I admire your sense of humor about it!

  11. Moving is nothing if not memorable! Congrats on the new home :)

  12. Man, I hate moving. But, on the bright side, once you're done, you won't have to do it again for a long time!

  13. ugh, moving sounds like a paint in the booty!
    all your stresses ease as the time goes on. you have a new place, yay ;)
    good luck hun!

  14. Oooo... I wonder if our new neighborhood is baby-fied... I did NOT think about that.

  15. I hope Kona is okay! Only two trips to Home Depot? That's massive efficiency in my book! I was averaging two trips per hour for three days. And we have more stuff arriving this Friday from Dallas. Sigh. You'll be done beore me! Moving sucks.

  16. Number 1 is bad! A broken toe, near death experience, meltdown? You poor thing! I hate moving and it sounds like no exception for you guys. So sorry!

  17. Comcast is awful. Two moves ago, we had to have them come five times? I think. It was awful. I wish you better luck.

  18. Wait you move to someone else in DC? Why is everybody moving?

  19. Yick, moving is such a hassle. So daunting. Good luck and I hope AJ's toe feels better soon.

  20. sounds about right for a move! i am still in the process a week and a half later. ugh!

  21. hooray for moving!! (not the moving part, i hate that!) and that's funny when you say countless arguments, because i would have classified it as 1 argument that almost made me want to pack up and move far far away by myself ;)

    glad Kona is okay!!!!!