Monday, August 10, 2009


Thank you all for your comments on my last post. It makes me feel better that others have gone through this as well. I am currently waiting for Comcast to arrive and install our land line so that our security system can work properly. Hopefully this will help me feel more comfortable!

I am busy cleaning up the house and doing loads of laundry, so I leave you with some tidbits of what is going on in my life!
  • We are still without our TV. We had two technicians come look at it last Saturday and they determined that a panel is fried. Luckily the warranty will cover this and we are getting a brand new TV. The process has taken forever though, and we likely will not get the replacement until next week. My parents brought down a little TV that we have in the second bedroom and we have been watching stuff on there. It is weird not hanging out in the living room though...
  • This weekend we went camping with Sweet Bea and Florida. We had a lot of fun and I am proud of myself for making it in the wild. I went into the river (although Bea said it didn't count because I only went up to my knees), but passed on fishing. All I could think was "Fish are friends, not food" from Finding Nemo. Funny how it doesn't bother me when I am eating fish (or anything else for that matter).... I have lots of pictures that I will share later this week when I get a chance to upload them.
  • While camping, my car decided to fail yet again. This time it was the battery. We had to jump it three different times before we realized the battery was super dead and it needed to be replaced. My car is only 3 years old, but you'd think it was 20 with all the problems I have had lately. Not cool!
  • My summer vacation is officially over. This week I start orientation and marks my last 3 day work week. Next week I work 4 days and then the week after that the kids are back in school. Ummm, where did summer go and what did I do?? I am excited for fall, football season, and school to start, but I really have no idea where summer went.
  • Today is my grandmother's 76th birthday. I hate being away from family on birthdays! I am sure my family is going out to dinner and it makes me sad that AJ and I don't get to be a part of the celebration. It is also starting to hit me that my grandparents are getting older and I don't know how long they will be with us. I definitely wish I could spend more time with them....and maybe give them a great-grandbaby sometime in the near future.
  • It is supposed to break 100 today. I am staying indoors!


  1. I hate the heat! It is going to be brutal today. Sorry about the car stuff. That is so frustrating when things act up. Glad you had fun camping. Have a good week!

  2. My mind has already checked out of summer. I'm in denial until the fall weather hits. I'll just stay indoors, crank the a/c to like 65 degrees and wear sweaters around the house.

  3. i'm jealous you still get any summer break. i was stupid deciding to not be a teacher after all. :)

    and about feeling scared in your place - i think thats normal with any unfamiliar place. you'll get used to it! :)

  4. summer did go way too quick! i love fall so i'm also looking forward to it!

  5. Welcome back to civilization! And enjoy your last few days of fun :)

  6. So does Hubs, he starts internship orientation tomorrow and he's being a sadface all over the apartment today because summer's over for him! Good luck tomorrow!

    As for your new place, we all have our own fears, I still am scared of being home alone and since we've moved into a high rise I'm convinced the building is going to fall down every time I stand near the windows and just FEEL the anxiety building in my chest. Don't beat yourself up about feeling like you shouldn't have issues if you're helping others with their issues...sometimes seeing other people's issues humbles me and gives me courage to face it!

  7. Wow, I remember all the incidents with the car you've had in the past. I'm really surprised, because it's a Toyota (right?)! How lame.

  8. My Google/Blogger wasn't working on Fri and I wanted to comment on your previous post....I'm a huge scaredy cat and sleep with our house alarm on every night (and we live in a very quiet suburb, not anywhere that I should even be scared in). I even have my friends spend the night with me when my hubs is out of town. There's no shame in that! But, I must say, I did have to stop watching crime shows/snapped/etc....they were fueling my wild imagination.

    Happy birthday to your grandma!

    And I cannot wait to see pics from the camping experience! So fun!

  9. just found your adorable blog & wanted to say hi! your dog is adorable!

  10. I'm proud of you for camping! You are so cute! I'd freak out about the alarm too; Criminal Minds just kilz me!

  11. Goodness Miss AAN, we just now got caught up on things from the last week or so, and you have been more than busy! Congratulations on making it through the move, as well as coping with the anxiety. We're glad it is helping to know how many of us have experienced similar things. Please know we're thinking of you and sending a big hug and a smile, and hoping you remember to be gentle with yourself amid all the change in your life.

    It sounds like you had a good time on the weekend camping trip, we have decided we probably won't be experiencing camping again in this lifetime! You are a stronger soul than I! We are looking forward to the pictures!

    And yes-yes-yes on the inside in the heat! As we have been known to say at times like this: "It's not the heat - it's the stupidity." (Oooh, cranky Princess!)

    Sending you good thoughts too Miss Northerner, for the rest of your week!

  12. I love you but you did NOT go in the river! Next year I am throwing you in. Be warned... :)

  13. Well my car still has a busted door handle...

  14. I would die without TV! Sad, but true... you better get it fixed before Mad Men on Sunday! :-)