Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bridal Shower Info Request

Alright ladies....I need your help!

I am planning a bridal shower for my best friend and I do not know where to begin. We just picked a date and now I am trying to get all the bridesmaids on the same page so that we can start the planning process.

What are your tips, ideas, etc.?

The bride's only request is that we do not play any games, so other than that I am open to anything.

I also am looking for bridal shower invitations, so if you have seen any that you absolutely love please let me know!

Thanks in advance!


  1. Do you want to have a party at someone's house, OR would you rather go to a restaurant in a party room? 2 of my wedding showers were in restaurants, and one was at a home. Restaurant is less work, but maybe more expensive.

    I've seen cute themes for showers lately with umbrellas, rain boots, etc. IF you need more help let me know - I love searching for themes & stuff like this. I can email you all sorts of ideas!

  2. there are so many options for pretty invitations out there. wedding paper divas, hello lucky, etc. it all just comes down to what you want to spend but they all do party invites.

    and for my shower we didn't do any of the games or anything but we had a wonderful luncheon at a country club and it was beautiful (of course we had cake too, you have to have cake : )

  3. It kind of depends on the bride, but the most fun I've ever had at a shower was when it was more laid back. I helped throw one once where we ordered a ton of her favorite pizzas and then got all the fixins for an ice cream sundae bar. Everyone loved it. I've also been to a couple's shower that was more of a BBQ and guys and girls got to come... even if you're not having the guys, you can always have a little BBQ and just enjoy hanging out. I'm also kind of anti-games at showers... maybe have the groom write a little note you can read out loud at the shower, or have the bride tell their story in case some of the guests don't know it. It gives some activity without being cheesy.

  4. My shower was all about christmas ornaments and recipes - my two favorite things are cooking and Christmas! The hostesses in charge sent out invitations that included recipe cards for them to fill out for me (a fav personal recipe) and then a picture of christmas ornaments so that they would bring one for the newlyweds as well. Then at my shower they had everyone put down an ingredient for a recipe for love and I read them outloud - it was pretty hilarious!

  5. I'm sure you've received invitations where they include a recipe card and ask the guests to write out their favorite recipe for the bride, and then they are collected into a cute recipe box, but I've also seen where each person is asked to bring a copy of their favorite cookbook, to begin the bride's cookbook library, which I think is cute.

  6. We are planning a shower for my sister in law now. I can't recommend enough for invites. We are doing ours at my house and having it catered to make it easy. Hers is in March so we are doing a springy theme with lots of tulips and pinks and pastels. We are asking the guests to bring a recipe for a recipe box. And we are doing a guestbook where everyone will write a little piece of advice for a happy marriage and maybe she will read some of them aloud. We are doing a cupcake tower instead of a cake too and the invites have cupcakes on them. Don't know if that helps you at all but hopefully it does!

  7. We did a themed party for one of my friends called "Rock around the clock" or something like that. On each invitation, we included an insert assigning the guest a time of day (8-10am, 9-11pm, etc.) and they had to buy a gift that the bride would use during that time. Someone with a morning time bought her juice glasses she registered for, someone bought some of the linens for a night time selection, another bought some grilling items for an afternoon time. It was fun. We provided little cards for the guests to write their time frame on and stick it on the gift before we opened them.