Sunday, January 24, 2010

Outfits for the Week!

Is it really Sunday night already?

This past week was a big success and I wore the exact outfits I had planned for each day. It was so nice waking up knowing that I would not have to venture into my closet to find something to wear. I will admit that there were two days where I thought "I really don't want to wear this" as I was getting dressed, but those moments were fleeting and did not creep back into my thoughts for the rest of the day. I actually really liked all the outfits I put together and felt great about what I was wearing every day.

I just finished putting together my outfits for this week and I must say it was a tad harder than last week. I tried to incorporate color and mix things up, but I am not sure how successful I was. Let me know if you have any suggestions for how to make the outfits better!

Monday (no school for the kids; training for me):

Black Bottom Ruffles Tee, Always Skinny Jeans: Gap
Beige Cardigan: J Crew
Black Pumps: Cole Haan
Pearl/Chain necklace: American Eagle circa 2004 maybe?

Tuesday (test*ing observation):

Ivory turtleneck sweater: Loft
Ruffle Dress: J Crew
Ivory tights: drug store?
Brown leather boots: Stein Mart circa 2006

Wedensday (meeting day):

Blue Ruffle top: Gap
Fushia cardigan: J Crew
Khaki Martin pants: Banana Republic
Rose bow belt: Old Navy
Brown Mary Janes: Payless circa 2007

Thursday (lots of time with kids):

Pattern Dress: TJ Maxx circa 2008
Teal tights: Gap
Black Cardigan: Loft
Ruffle flats: BC Footwear

Friday (lots of time with kids):

Silvery tank top: Loft
Purple Cardigan: J Crew
Polka dot belt: J Crew
Joe's Jeans
Silver Revas

As I just typed everything I see that I like cardigans and ruffles this week. It's funny how I didn't realize that I was picking similar things until now. Oh well. I'll try to add more variety next week! I also want to try and wear different shoes next week. Clearly I wear the same ones over and over. I didn't pick jewelry for the last couple of days because I want to see what will go best with the outfits once I have them on. Again, let me know if you have any suggestions!


  1. once again - love them! i have that ruffle dress from j.crew & love it. it hits at such a flattering spot on the waist with the bow/ribbon :)

  2. I seriously love this idea as a much easier than figuring it out in the morning! I am definitely thinking of trying it this week.

  3. Great picks!! Love these outfits. You've inspired me to venture in my closet and find outfits, too!!

  4. You are adorable! Love the outfits. Well done!

  5. You are so cute and I want to go shopping in your closet. Every night I decide what I am going to wear the night before and it seems to work. When I was in hs, I would write down what I wore each day in my planner and would make sure I wouldn't repeat for at least 2 months. What a loser!

  6. You have such cute clothes! Love your outfits for the week!!

  7. Love your organization & your style. I'm a fan of ruffles & cardigans myself. :) Hope it's a great week.

  8. I've started creating menus for the week on I need to start creating outfits, too. I LOVE this idea! I see you're a fan of the J.Crew Jackie cardigan. Me too! :)

    p.s. cute outfits. My wardrobe is jealous!

  9. Love your style - simple, girly, but not TOO simple or girly.

  10. Oh my, that ruffle dress is beautiful! Nice, classic outfits!

  11. I would love the raid your closet... you have such cute stuff! :)

  12. OMG I love your clothes! I wish we lived closer so you could take me shopping :)

    PS - I'm sorry your day today was rough. Sending you happy wishes that tomorrow is better.

  13. oooo love this post! And love the silver TBs.