Monday, January 11, 2010

Outfit Planning

While planning my menu yesterday, I got thinking about how productive I would be if I planned everything out in advance. Obviously that isn't entirely possible, but surely there are some things I could plan....

One of the first things that came to mind was planning my outfits for the week. My alarm goes off at 6 AM and I usually leave my house by 7 AM (with my curlers still in my hair) so that does not leave me a lot of time to plan my outfit in the morning.

I pretty much always lay out an outfit for Monday on Sunday night, but that is the extent of my planning. The rest of the week I pick out my outfit in the morning, and some days I do well, but there are many days when I am too tired to find something fab. Instead I usually just throw on a cable knit sweater and khakis. I blogged about "my uniform" once before and since I still get stuck in that rut every now and then, outfit planning just might help me wear all those clothes I never wear and to be more creative with my wardrobe.

I didn't plan a week's worth of outfits yesterday because this idea was still coming to fruition in my head, but next week I am definitely going to try it. It will be a good week to begin outfit planning because I have Monday off....yay for a short week.

Does anyone already do this? Anyone want to join me in this new venture?

Here is what I put together last night for today:

Black sweater dress: 2008 Christmas gift (not sure where it is from)
Pink tights: Target
Ruffle flats: Piperlime
Bow Headband: Forever 21 (which was a gift from Ms. Mindless!)

Here's hoping I can look this fun everyday!


  1. You're not alone! I almost always plan my outfits the night before. Mainly because I'm NOT a morning person and hate doing anything that requires thinking before getting to work... so picking out outfits is what i need to do before bed... or on Sundays

  2. Cute cute headband! When I was interning downtown I always planned my outfits in advance. My sister suggested I take photos of pieces/outfits and then go from there. I didn't end up doing that but once I finally get a FT job I may try to!

  3. I love those shoes and the headband! You look adorable...

  4. When I was working in the office I swore by weekly outfit planning. In fact, I got it from my mom who still does it. I did it all on Sunday night and even ironed what needed a press. It saved a boatload of time! I try to take advantage of second of sleep, so it worked really well for me!

  5. You are too cute! I think that whole process would fall to the side for me, because even when I decide what I want to wear the night before, at least half the time I change my mind once I get it on!

  6. I'm always good at outfit planning for like Monday and Tuesday, after that, no idea, unless I have something going on later in the week I want to look nice for.

    I love the headband. You pulled it off well!

  7. I love your outfit!I have to plan the night before or I would be a mess come morning. I like to think of a general idea of what I will wear for the week, but I can't commit for a week because sometimes you just don't feel like the outfit you planned that much in advance.

  8. Very cute outfit!! And I have to admit, I have been picking out my clothes the night before or for the week since I was little and it definitly helped when I started working full time.

  9. ok we totally matched today, except my tights were purple! when i plan my outfits, i'm much happier in the morning because i don't freak out about what to wear and end up wearing the same old thing. great idea!

  10. OOh, this is a great idea! Outfit planning for the week!

    My dad does this, he irons all his work clothes before putting them away and then has the shirts he wants to wear that week put up front, he only wears this one kind of brown slacks and brown socks and brown shoes (ugh) so the shirts are the variety in his wardrobe!

    Will you make this a weekly feature and ask others to join in?

  11. As a Mom, this is totally not a good idea. With spit up, um, there are lots of shirt changes.... You look so cute!

  12. Your closet is giant & your shoes are adorable!