Monday, February 1, 2010

Outfit Planning FAIL

Some of you may have noticed that I did not post my outfits this week. We got a few inches of snow on Saturday so naturally my school district decided yesterday that we would be having a two hour delay this morning. I knew I would have plenty of time to get dressed today so I decided to relax last night and save my outfit planning for tonight.

Now for the funny part.....
Guess what I am wearing today?

My "uniform" of course!

Cable knit sweater - Loft

Brown pants (at least they have a pattern!) - Gap

Suede loafers in Merlot - LL Bean

I tried to add some flair with my headband. I get fun credit for that right??

Ignore that lovely splotch on my throat. I've mentioned a few times that I have super sensitive skin. I must have been touching my neck right before I took this picture, hence the splotch.

This just proves that if I want to wear fun, creative outfits that don't consist of cable knit sweaters and some form of khaki pants, then I need to plan ahead!


  1. I get neck splotches as well!!!

  2. My neck always turns red when I itch it or rub it. I hate that!

    Also, I'm sure you've been told this, but you have gorgeous hair.

  3. I love your headband!! Where did you find it!! Definitly missed your weekly wardrobe post!!

  4. Seems like a pretty good uniform. Love the headband! Good luck with getting back into planning.

  5. Love-love-love the headband, you look so cute and it gives a little touch of whimsey to a classic (nicely so) outfit, it's a fabulous combination.

    Grins & giggles Miss Northerner,

  6. The headband is so cute! :)

  7. Awww you are adorable as always.

    P.S. I have the same poster hanging in my office (the one you can see of your shoes) :-)

  8. OMG, my skin does that, too! It's like the tiniest touch on my neck or upper chest and I get all splotchy and it takes a while to go away. I've never known anyone with the same issue!

  9. My skin does that too ... and judging from all the comments above, we're not the only ones! I have the most sensitive skin ever...if I touch it, it turns bright red. And then everyone says, YOU HAVE A BIG RED SPOT ON YOUR NECK. Ummm thanks.

  10. I think you're just too adorable. Let's going shopping!

  11. My skin does that too! And it gets blotchy on its own when I get nervous or emo. I hate it! And, like Shaina, people are always informing me that blotchy has appeared. Kthx for making me more uncomfortable!

    Love your headband!

  12. Fellow sensitive skin splotcher over here! Are you a fellow one-drink-red-turner as well?

  13. Your teacher clothes are great!
    I revert almost entirely to blackpants-flats-bigsweater.. and need to plan ahead to look better after the break! :)

  14. I love your headband!! that looks perfect!